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TimeSpan LABs

Parsec Art Calendar Project

Call for Artists (Final Deadline)

Call for Interesting Dates

Works in Progress Samples

Green Screen for Contributing Parsec Artists

TimeSpan Labs (Parsec Calendar Group), working in cooperation with Parsec Ink Publishing, is already working on the next Parsec SF/F/H art calendar for 2007.

Call for Artists

Final Deadline is April 1, 2006. (Yes, really, no fooling! Really!) We are making this next years deadline earlier to make sure we can get this together and done for Confluence.

Again, we need artwork from Parsec artists. (Yes, contributors must be Parsec members.) Artists will be paid $10 per artwork image published in the calendar, and also receive a free copy of the finished calendar. A great publishing and portfolio building opportunity.

We have a going to do a "semi-themed" calendar this year. Just what the hock does that mean? Well we are suggesting the same theme "instruments of madness" that the Confluence short story contest is using. This theme is not required. But for artists that are having trouble thinking of an idea, then there is one available.

Art must be finished and previously unpublished. We are presently encouraging artists to submit up to four works for consideration. All fine art media (drawing, illustration, painting, photography, sculpture, etc.) are acceptable provided that they are of a science-fiction/fantasy/horror theme. No nudity please, we want this to be a family/workplace friendly calendar. Artworks can be from a single artist or a collaborative group. Sculpture and other three
dimensional art must be photographed or otherwise used in two dimensional art.

Art must be original, or with the written permission of the copyright owner if based on published stories or characters. All art must reproduce well at high resolution (300 dots per inch) at a size between 8.5x11 and 11x11 inches. Please do not send originals. Reproductions submitted for consideration will not be returned. Publication rights will revert back to the artists after the primary sale period of the calendar ends.

Digitized electronic form for submissions is preferred. Please do not attach images samples that are larger than 100 KB in size per image. Too large of attachments might be deleted by the mail system. Samples should be screen sized (approximately 640x480) for evaluation. Larger, high resolution, versions of submissions selected for publication will be requested from the artists. Please Include your name, address, phone# and second phone#" In the body of your e-mail or written on the back of your submission(s).

For more information, you can ask questions by e-mail to ( ).

Call for Interesting Dates

Do you know when HAL 9000's birthday is or Frankenstein’s Monsters Birthday? Perhaps you know the date of the Lunar Declaration of Independence.

In addition to the standard holidays most calendars include on the monthly grid, we are also looking for interesting SF/F/H dates in history.

If you know of any interesting dates--past or future--please submit them by e-mail to Karen Lutz at;

People submitting interesting dates may not be given credit on the calendar. All published submissions will be given credit on a PARSEC web page. Some dates submitted may not be used. PARSEC calendar project reserves the right to chose which dates will be used on the calendar grid.

Please include your name in the body of your e-mail as you would like it to read on the credit page.

Past Year Samples

Here are some samples of what artists did for last year. (Click the image to see a larger version.)


2006 Calendar Cover


Green Screen for Contributing Parsec Artists

We have gathered together our resources and made a green screen for use with photography (works best with digital) for combining with backgrounds and props. Sort of like how Hollywood does their special effects. Several us are again making use of this to make our art for the calendar and we invite other Parsec artists that want to do work for the Calendar to use it as well.

Kira digitally photographed in front of the green screen.   Kira digitally separated from the green screen and combined with a computer generated background.

Contact one of us Henry ( ) or Karen ( ) for more information or to make arrangements for its use.

Direct questions concerning PARSEC to . -- Revised: 22 October 2005
Copyright © 2005 Kevin A. Geiselman