The Tenth Annual
PARSEC Science Fiction and Fantasy
Short Story Contest

Prizes and eligibility: The contest is open to non-professional writers (those who have not met eligibility requirements for SFWA or equivalent). Previous multiple winners and current contest coordinators are also ineligible. The best story which relates to and features the contest theme will be published in the Confluence 2004 program book, and the author will be awarded the first prize of $200. At the discretion of the judges a second and third prize in the amounts of $100 and $50 may be awarded, with possible publication in a PARSEC zine. Submission to the contest implies consent for publication, but all rights revert immediately to the authors upon publication. The entries will be screened by the coordinators, and the best submissions will go on to our panel of three Judges. Decisions of the judges and coordinators in all these matters are final. There is NO entry fee.

Judges: To Be Announced

Format: Stories must be Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Horror in genre. Stories must be original, unpublished, unsold and no more than 3500 words in length. Submit in standard contest format (title and page number on each page, but author name only appears on separate cover page; otherwise as in any professional submission). No email submissions. Include SASE for notification only, as manuscripts will not be returned. Incorrect format will make an entry ineligible.


"High Crimes and Misdemeanors"

We think this theme is broad enough to give everyone scope for new and interesting stories. The sf/f/h connection can be with the crime, the misdemeanor, or the Highness of both. Please remember, though, that Confluence attracts many families, and the story will be printed in the program book. A certain restraint and subtlety is called for. Too much explicit gore will definitely count against you.

Deadline: April 15, 2005.

Address: Send entries to:

Ann Cecil
PARSEC Short Story Contest
2966 Voelkel Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15216-2036

For questions or clarifications only you may email to

Last time’s winners (for the theme of "Hard Port") were:

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