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For the promotion of literary Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and other Speculative Fictions

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What is PARSEC?
PARSEC is the Pittsburgh area's premiere organization "to promote awareness of the richness of speculative fiction as literature, art and music; further general education in the sciences and arts, support contribution, both scientific and artistic, to society and to espouse the enjoyment of speculative fiction as literature, art and music with others."
Is PARSEC some sort of acronym?
Originally, yes it was. PARSEC stood for the "Pittsburgh Area Realtime Scientifiction Enthusiasts Club." Since then, Club was changed to Consortium because in our desire to be registered as a 501.c.3 non-profit organization we learned that the government didn't think that clubs were non-profit enough. In all our official documents, however, there is no mention of the acronym and we are simply PARSEC.
Scientifiction? What kind of word is that?
In 1925, Hugo Gernsback was planning to publish a new magazine of "scientific fiction," a term that had been used to describe the works of Jules Verne and H. G. Wells. ("Scientific Romance" had also been used.) Gernsback condensed (some say invented) the term "Science Fiction" and, in further contracting it, intended to name his new magazine "Scientifiction."

A year later, Gernsback published the magazine under the title "Amazing Stories," because it had a more general appeal to it. The sub title that ran on the editorial page read: "The Magazine of Scientifiction."
Who's in charge around here?
PARSEC Officers:

Joe Coluccio ( President )
Kira Heston (Vice President)
William Hall (Secretary)
Sarah-Wade Smith (Treasurer)
Kevin M. Hayes (Commentator)
Susan Urbanek Linville (SIGMA Editor)

PARSEC Board of Directors:

Diane Turnshek (President and Head of the Alpha standing committee)
Joe Coluccio (Vice President and Head of the Programming standing committee)
Lara VanWinkle (Secretary, Treasurer and Head of the Confluence standing committee)
Barbara Carlson (Head of the PARSEC INK standing committee)
David Brody (Member at Large)
Chris Rickert (Member at Large)
Bonnie Bogovich (Member at Large)

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