Stephen Ames BerryThe Battle For Terra Two (Biofab)"A modern descendant of the Doc Smith Lensman series. Space opera in the Grand Ol' Tradition." --Other Realms "Devotes of militaristic SF should enjoy [Berry's] books." --Kliatt "Kick-butt military science fiction." --Amazon reader review --This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition.Paperback
Stephen Ames BerryFinal AssaultPaperback
Alfred BesterThe Dark Side Of EarthPaperback
Alfred BesterThe Computer ConnectionHardcover
Alfred BesterDemolished Man Paperback
Alfred BesterStarlight: The Great Short Fiction of Alfred BesterThe Light Fantastic, and Star Light, Star Bright. SFBC #3140Hardcover
Lloyd jr. BiggleThe Light That Never WasPaperback
Lloyd jr. BiggleAll the Colors of DarknessPaperback
Lloyd jr. BiggleThe World MendersPaperback
Lloyd jr. BiggleMonumentHardcover
Lloyd jr. BiggleThe Metallic Muse: A Collection of Science Fiction Stories1972 A collection of Science Fiction Stories By Lloyd Biggle Jr.Hardcover
Lloyd jr. BiggleSilence is DeadlyTwenty agents of the Galactic Synthesis were missing on the Silent Planet of Kamm - the victims, it seemed, of the most powerful death ray the universe had ever known. But how could the primitive technology of the Kammians have produced such a weapon? And why had they unleashed its power against the Synthesis? It was Jan Darzek's mission to find out. Surgically altered to resemble the natives of Kamm, he travels to that eerie world where all life forms are deaf and the only communication ois through sign language.Hardcover
David F. Bischoff, Thomas F. Monteleone, Joe DeVitoDragonstar Destiny (Dragonstar Trilogy, Vol. 3)Dragonstar TrilogyPaperback
David F. Bischoff, Thomas F. MonteleoneNight of the Dragonstar (Dragonstar Trilogy, #2)Dragonstar TrilogyPaperback
David F. BischoffThe Deity-Father (Gerry Anderson's Space Precinct, Book 1)Space PrecinctFinding himself in the tough Demeter City on the distant planet Altor, former New York City cop Patrick Brogan is forced to adapt to enormous changes while tackling his first case in a crime family with Earth roots. TV tie-in.Paperback
David F. Bischoff, Thomas F. MonteleoneDay Of Dragonstar (Dragonstar Trilogy, #1)Dragonstar TrilogyPaperback
David F. Bischoff, Dennis R. BaileyTin WoodmanPaperback
David F. Bischoff, Ted WhiteForbidden WorldPaperback
David F. BischoffDemon Wing (Space Precinct #2)Space PrecinctReceiving a tip that something big is going down in the shadowy firm known as ""Cost Gnostra,"" planet Altor police team Patrick Brogan and Jack Haldane go incognito to uncover a crime organization with roots back on Earth. TV tie-in.Paperback
David F. BischoffAlien Island (Gerry Anderson's Space Precinct, No 3)Space PrecinctAssigned a temporary partner in a curvaceous lady cop from Earth, Brogan quickly finds his job and marriage compromised before he is called upon to save Demeter City from a life-sucking energy being. TV tie-in.Paperback
Michael BishopTransfigurationsTransfigurations by Michael Bishop First Edition 1979 Published by Berkley Publishing Company. This is a haunting story of a driven man's attempt to understand an Alien culture. This novel was a Nebula Award finalist. Mesmerizing.Hardcover
Michael BishopNo Enemy but TimeWhen I was a youngster, I read London's Before Adam and Crump's "Og" books. I've been enthralled ever since by tales of pre-Homo sapiens. No Enemy But Time is the best fictional re-creation of these I've come across. It makes a glowing reality of the dry bones of this field. —Philip José Farmer Michael Bishop has a unique way of employing his talent in the satirizing of civilization's discontents while steering with a sure hand between the rocks of anarchy and the whirlpool of utopianism. He banks his verbal fires carefully, exercises a poet's control of his imagery and possesses an admirable sense of the grotesque. I recommend him without reservation. —Roger Zelazny No Enemy But Time is a science fiction novel of rare maturity and perhaps even rarer wit. The combination of wit, erudition, serious literary intent, and successful execution that Michael Bishop displays here is rarer still in the genre. Unquestionably a major novel by an unquestionably major writer. —Norman Spinrad Review by Bill Johnston (PSSFS): Decidedly different from other books. It is about a man who travels to the Pleistocene era and joins a band of Homo Habilis, who are currently taking over from the Australopithecines. Its emphasis is on interaction with the habilis and they are very well characterized. Time travel and the world in general are secondary but still elements of the book. It won the Nebula award, and is an excellent novel. Still, it may not appeal to people who prefer the more standard types of sf. I have probably read some short stories by Bishop, but this is the first book I have bought by him. I will certainly buy others in the future. Paperback
Michael BishopBrittle InningsHardcover
Michael BishopAncient of daysHardcover
Michael BishopSecret Ascension: Or Philip K. Dick Is Dead, AlasPaperback

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