Jim ButcherSmall Favor (The Dresden Files, Book 10)Harry DresdenIntricate yet accessible plotting and near-Arctic winter weather mark the 10th Harry Dresden adventure from bestseller Butcher (after 2007's White Night). A friendly snowball fight opens the Chicago-based wizard-detective's latest tale, but it's not long before a host of more dangerous foes are out for Harry's blood. A missing human mobster is said to be seeking greater influence among Chicago's extranormal population, but the true threat proves both more subtle and of much greater consequence. Butcher smoothly manages a sizable cast of allies and adversaries, doles out needed backstory with crisp efficiency and sustains just the right balance of hair's-breadth tension and comic relief. Encounters with a series of increasingly dangerous Billy Goats Gruff unfold with particular cleverness, and key developments involving Sgt. Karrin Murphy, Harry's reluctant police liaison, will intrigue seasoned fans as well as newcomers attracted by last year's TV adaptation of the series. (Apr.) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.Hardcover
Jim ButcherTurn Coat (The Dresden Files, Book 11)Harry DresdenThe search for a traitor in the highest circles of power forms the main plot thread of Butcher's 11th hard-boiled fantasy novel featuring Chicago's wizard detective Harry Dresden (last seen in 2008's Small Favor). Harry, a warden of the magic-governing White Council, finds himself in an unusual position when Morgan, his fellow warden and frequent antagonist, asks for his help. One of the White Council's leaders has been murdered, and Morgan was found at the scene of the crime holding the murder weapon. If he has been framed, then another senior wizard is behind the killing and may be trying to destroy the council entirely. Aided by werewolf and vampire allies, Dresden investigates with his trademark sardonic noir flair. Despite the sprawling plot, both fans and newcomers will get into the fast-paced action. (Apr.) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.Hardcover
Jim ButcherGhost Story (Dresden Files, No. 13)Harry DresdenHarry Dresden has a vitality that few urban fantasy heroes can match SFX Narrated with his usual sardonic wit, this is another fast-paced adventure... [that] keeps its grip to the very end TELEGRAPH --This text refers to the Paperback edition.Hardcover
Jim ButcherSide Jobs: Stories From the Dresden FilesHarry DresdenFans of Butcher's long-running and bestselling urban fantasy series featuring Chicago wizard PI Harry Dresden were stunned by the concluding events of the 2010 novel Changes. They'll probably want to skip ahead to the last of this collection's 11 stories, "Aftermath," set just hours after the end of that book. With Dresden's fate uncertain, it's his longtime ally, Sgt. Karrin Murphy, who must help find a kidnapped werewolf. This entry is the collection's strongest, full of powerful emotion. The rest of the book is a mixed bag, ranging from Butcher's first attempt at short fiction--"a novice effort" that "wasn't up to par for professional publication"--to more recent tales set around and between the novels. First-timers will be lost, and this uneven volume mostly makes the case that Butcher's talent is best displayed in longer form. (Nov.) (c) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.Hardcover
Jim ButcherWizard at Large (The Dresden Files #6-7)Harry DresdenTwo fantasies in one volume. Blood Rites (c2004): Harry Dresden, Chicago's best consulting wizard, tries to discover the witch who has put the Evil Eye on a film crew. Dead Beat (c2005): Harry is ordered by vampire queen Mavra to bring her the Word of Kemmler, a long-lost book of spells. Two-volumes-in-one published for the Science Fiction Book Club by arrangement with NAL Signet, October 2006.Hardcover
Octavia E. ButlerXenogenesis3 book omnibus Dawn Adulthood Rites ImagoHardcover
Octavia E. ButlerClay's ArkHardcover
Pete Butler (ed.), Ian Creasy, Dario Ciriello, Tim Pratt, Jeff Parish, Idan Cohen, Jetse deVries, Michael Stone, Kurt Kirchmeier, D. K. Latta, Ashley Arnold, Matthew Johnson, Rebecca W. Day, Trent Walters, Scott Almes, Jessica E. Kaiser, Terry Hayman, Katherine Shaw, Jared Axelrod, Sue Burke, Geoffrey ThorneTriangulation: End of TimeTriangulationTrade Paperback
Pete Butler (ed.), Mark Onspaugh, D. K. Thompson, Kenneth B. Chiacchia, Rachel Swirsky, Aaron Polson, Lon Prater, D. J. Cockburn, Gerri Leen, Jason K. Chapman, Kelly A. Harmon, Kathryn Board, Amy Treadwell, David Seigler, Kurt Kirchmeier, Loretta Sylvestre, Craig WolfTriangulation: Dark GlassTriangulationPaperback
Pete Butler (ed.), Reesa Brown, Amy Treadwell, Elizabeth Barrette, Katy Darby, Rachel Swirsky, Paul Stefko, Gail Sosinsky Wickman, Shanna Germain, Matthew Johnson, Jacob Edwards, Gerri Leen, David Seigler, Ian Creasey, Marc Vun Kannon, Matt Betts, Stephen V. Ramey, Lavie Tidhar, Shweta Narayan, Eugie FosterTriangulation: Taking FlightTriangulationTrade Paperback
Edward A. ByersBabylon GateCover by Bob EggletonPaperback
Martin CaidinKiller StationPaperback
Martin CaidinExit EarthPaperback
Martin CaidinFour Came BackPaperback
Martin CaidinBeamridersPaperback
Martin CaidinThe God Machine
Martin CaidinMaroonedSource for exciting movie of the same name, starring Gregory Peck.Paperback
Martin CaidinStar BrightPaperback
Martin CaidinEncounter ThreeIt was a UFO - the whole town had seen it; it was real! Why did the government attempt a cover-up?Paperback
Martin CaidinManfacPaperback
Don CallanderGeomancerTrouble is brewing in the north. First, Flarman Flowerstalk, the renowned firemaster, suddenly disappears. Then the Stone Men, who are under the enchantment of an ancient geomancer, capture and hold his apprentice, Douglas Brightglade. And now, magician Wong's homeland of Choin is in an uproar as warring factions fight over the emperor's throne. Somehow the scattered fellowship of wizards must locate their missing members, break the old enchantments, and bring peace to the Choinese in time for Douglas to pass his firemaster exam and marry Myrn Manstar. Readers who have followed the fire adept's progress through the battle with the Ice King in Pyromancer and the threat of the witches' coven in Aquamancer will welcome familiar characters and cozy settings in the latest entry in this light fantasy series for fans of all ages. Candace SmithPaperback
Grant CallinA Lion on ThartheePaperback
L. Sprague De Camp, Lin CarterConan of Aquilonia (Conan, Volume 11)ConanPaperback
L. Sprague de CampTower of ZanidPaperback
L. Sprague de Camp (ed.), Virgil Finlay (ill.)The Spell of SevenPaperback

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