Gordon R. DicksonNecromancer"Dickson is among the best storytellers we have of the finest makers that our field has ever known."--Poul Anderson "Dickson is one of SF's standard bearers."--Publishers WeeklyPaperback
Gordon R. DicksonThe Final Encyclopedia (The Childe Cycle)"Makes me want to stand up and cheer!" --Analog "A fitting climax to the grandest saga in the history of SF." --Ben Bova "In The Final Encyclopedia Gordon R. Dickson has brilliantly continued the classic future legend begun in Dorsai! and the award-winning Soldier, Ask Not." --Anne McCaffreyPaperback
Gordon R. DicksonLove Not HumanPaperback
Gordon R. DicksonHour of the HordeAnnihilating everything before it, a horde of monstrous space travellers were advancing through the stars. And Earth lay in their route. To defend their home planets, the worlds that lay in the path of the monsters created a super defence force, asking each planet to contribute one especially talented warrior to help turn the invaders away. Miles Vander was Earth's man, but when he arrived at the rendezvous point he found that he was included in the special task force of the less civilized defenders. But in the contest of advanced nuclear weaponry and computer strategy, it turned out to be Vander's group that had the special independent qualities and the raw courage to meet the challenge most effectively. --This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition.Paperback
Gordon R. DicksonMission to UniversePaperback
Gordon R. DicksonNone But ManThe Frontier Rebellion has long been won, thanks in part to the efforts of Culihan O'Rourke, the best hijacker the Rebels ever had. When he is greeted upon his return to Earth with beatings, torture, and interrogation, Cully learns the hard way of the ultimatum issued to Earth by the Moldaug: evacuate the Frontier or be destroyed. Reissue. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.Paperback
Gordon R. DicksonDorsai!Dorsai"Dickson is among the best storytellers we have ever of the finest makers that our field has ever known."--Poul AndersonPaperback
Gordon R. DicksonThe Alien WayCover art by Lou FeckPaperback
Gordon R. DicksonOn the RunOne day Kil Bruner was a solid Class A engineer in a society of World Police and citizen Files, jet-set migrants and status-ranking Stability keys. But the Police ordered Kil to forget about his missing wife Ellen - and that was a mistake. Because Kil would move Heaven and Earth to find the woman he loved. Even when the search leads to slums filled with blade-wielding thugs and criminal Ace Kings . . . to secret societies and vast, interlocked, warring conspiracies - each out to rule the Earth or destroy it. Even when the search costs Kil his freedom, his sanity, the core of his soul - and reality itself . . . Because to find Ellen, Kil will have to move Heaven and Earth. Literally. --This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition.Paperback
Gordon R. DicksonSoldier, Ask NotPaperback
Gordon R. DicksonTime to Teleport / Delusion WorldPaperback
Gordon R. DicksonGuided TourPaperback
Gordon R. DicksonThe Pritcher MassHardcover
Gordon R. DicksonAlien ArtOn the planet Arcadia, a young man and woman and a swamp otter join together to haul the otter's eleven hundred pound statue overland to meet the deadline of a prospective buyer from another planet. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.Paperback
Gordon R. DicksonYoung Bleys (Childe Cycle)Dickson ( Wolf and Iron ) returns to his monumental Childe Cycle, begun in 1959 with Dorsai! Stepping back from the events of the past two volumes, this installment details the childhood and maturation of the visionary leader Bleys Ahrens. Precocious Bleys becomes a nuisance to his mother and is sent to live with his uncle, a pious farmer on the backwater planet Association. There his elder brother Dahno, simlarly exiled, recruits him as partner in his interstellar organization of Others, those whose parentage is mixed among the three Splinter Cultures: Exotics, Friendlies and Dorsai. Eventually Bleys takes over the organization and turns it to his own, grander ends--the dominance of the many worlds by the Others. Dickson's work harks back to an earlier decade: there are no cyberpunks here; many of the SF trappings, such as floating chairs and electronic "readers" instead of printed books, seem outdated; women are practically invisible. Nevertheless the book is engaging and the prose serviceable, and fans of the series will not be disappointed. Dickson's work leaves the borders of the genre unchallenged, but reveals some of that genre's traditional strengths. Copyright 1991 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.Paperback
Gordon R. DicksonSpacial DeliveryA Nebula Award-winning Author In the good old days they gave you a suit of armor and a mighty steed to rescue a maiden in distress. But John Tardy didn't know about this battle until he was in it. No suit of armor, no magnificent charger. He'd have been happy just to arrive on his own two feet, or any way other than as a package labeled "Spacial Delivery." --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.Paperback
Gordon R. Dickson, Fernando FernandezThe Spirit of DorsaiFeared and respected as the most effective soldiers humanity has ever known, the Dorsai find their reputation at risk when an invader attacks their planet, inhabited only by the Dorsai women who are left behind to defend it. Reprint. AB. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.Trade Paperback
Gordon R. DicksonSteel BrotherAlan Gutierrez - coverPaperback
Gordon R. DicksonOther (Childe Cycle)(sequel to) Young BleysSince its beginning in 1959 as a serialization in Astounding Science Fiction, Dickson's award-winning Childe Cycle has reflected the changes in contemporary "space opera." While the early works revealed the author's skill in seamlessly melding plot complications and his deft, journalistic prose, this latest entry deals with more levels of society than did the earlier works as it follows the attempt of Bleys Ahrens and his troupe (including his brother Dahno and his right-hand woman, Antonia Lu) to encourage a grand unification of all worlds. The series has always seemed based on the idea that those who are destined to lead do so while the rest of us are the better for leaving that task to them. Here the "Great Teacher," as Ahrens is often called, and his crew visit various planets, form interplanetary alliances and continue the search for Hal Mayne, the primary hero of the Cycle. Machinations and intrigues abound, including kidnapping, drugging and threats, but Dickson's presentation is so balanced that even readers unfamiliar with Mayne's role in the series may sympathize more with him than with Ahrens-or with Henry MacLean, who joins the troupe while maintaining that the Great Teacher is guided by Satan, a subplot that may develop in future volumes. And so the Cycle rotates on, with this particular spin, often overwrought but never less than interesting. Copyright 1994 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.Paperback
Gordon R. DicksonMutantsPaperback
Gordon R. DicksonInvaders!Paperback
Gordon R. DicksonLost Dorsai (Childe Cycle)DorsaiThere are many legends on the planet of the Dorsai, the breeding ground for heroes. Here are two of them. Lost Dorsai: The New Dorsai Companion contains the Hugo Award winning novella, Lost Dorsai, and Dickson's classic short story "Warrior." Plus, the New Dorsai Companion contains, for the first time ever, an all new Concordance of the Childe Cycle--a roadmap of Dickson's massive and brilliant creation. The Concordance will let you know not only in which books or stories a person or place is mentioned, but will give you a brief history or biography that explains their significance in the Cycle. It's a Who's Who of the future--and no science fiction reader should be without it.Paperback
Gordon R. DicksonThe StrangerPaperback
Gordon R. DicksonSpace WinnersStranded on the Quarantined World of Quebahr, the first high-school students selected to leave Earth for study in the Galactic Federation must overcome their lack of training and learn to adapt and survive. Reprint.Paperback
Gordon R. DicksonIn the BonePaperback

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