David DrakeWhat Distant Deeps (RCN #8)RCNThe war between the Republic of Cinnabar and the Alliance of Free Stars ended with RCN Captain Daniel Leary's stunning victory at Cacique, resulting in an uneasy peace. In the eighth offering of the popular RCN series, Leary receives orders to transport a diplomat to Zenobia and orders his communications officer, Adele Mundy, to investigate Palmyra, a semi-barbaric ally that is responsible for securing that sector from piracy. They discover not only that Palmyra is about to invade Zenobia, but that certain rogue RCN officers are actively involved. With the specter of renewed hostilities looming before him, Leary approaches his Alliance counterpart and makes an astounding offer, because "all civilized persons have a duty to stand against barbarians." Drake (As the Tide Rises) deftly weaves a web of political machinations and intrigue that vividly depicts the costs of war. Fans of Patrick O'Brian's Maturin and Aubrey novels will enjoy this intricate, rousing space opera. (Sept.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.Hardcover
David DrakeThe Complete Hammer's Slammers Volume 3Hammer's SlammersThis three volume set presents for the first time the genre-defining Slammers series in a uniform hardcover set. This volume features the final two Slammers novels, The Sharp End and Paying the Piper, as well as an original novelette, The Darkness. This volume will feature an introduction by Barry Malzberg, and cover art by John Berkey.Hardcover
David DrakeThe Road of Danger (RCN #9)RCNDavid Drake was attending Duke University Law School when he was drafted. He served the next two years in the Army, spending 1970 as an enlisted interrogator with the 11th armored Cavalry in Viet Nam and Cambodia. Upon return he completed his law degree at Duke and was for eight years Assistant Town Attorney for Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He has been a full-time freelance writer since 1981. His books include the genre-defining and bestselling Hammer’s Slammers series, the RCN series including What Distant Deeps, In the Stormy Red Sky, The Way to Glory, and many more. Hardcover
David DrakeStarlinerCarrying six thousand lives in its hull, the Empress of Earth is the finest liner in the galaxy, a link in the starflung chain of 23rd century civilization -- and an unarmed pawn in an interstellar war.Paperback
David DrakeLacey and His FriendsA cop in the 21st century, Jed Lacey has seen law and order imposed with cameras that scan every citizen, waking or sleeping, and computers that watch the images for any hint of crime. If they find it--it's Lacey's turn to go into action. A compelling combination of 1984 and Dirty Harry. Reissue.Paperback
David DrakeThe JungleDrake ( Surface Action ) enters a future originally mapped by SF master Henry Kuttner in "Clash by Night," a 1943 novella-length story that is also printed here. earth having become a radioactive cinder, humanity has fled to a "terraformed" Venus, where people live under the oceans in Keeps that battle one another with mercenary fleets. Drake writes of one small but fatally significant incident in one battle: Their torpedoboat wrecked, Commanding Officer Brainard and Officer-Trainee Wilding must move their men through a jungle to safety. Each officer, almost paralyzed with fear, misinterprets lucky breaks as bold and calculated moves on the other's part. Short scenes and discontinuous flashbacks create a stroboscopic effect that interferes with the story. After almost 50 years, Kuttner's "Clash" still provides a much better read. Copyright 1991 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.Paperback
David DrakePatriotsA modern master of extraterrestrial military mayhem (Northworld, etc.) weighs in with a grand, roistering space opera based loosely on the exploits of American Revolutionary Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys. In the 23rd century, two sets of bureaucrats, one from Earth's rebellious colony of Zenith and the other from the colony Hestia, are parceling out identical tracts of land on the frontier planet of Greenwood. Moreover, they're doing this without the consent of Greenwood's spare, cranky population, rugged individualists spoiling for a good fight. The leader of the inhabitants of Greenwood is the larger-than-life Yerby Bannock, a quintessential frontiersman whose quick wits and homespun morality pack as mighty a punch as his enormous fists in the cause of Greenwood's freedom. Drake's young city-dude hero, Mark Maxwell, who's touring Greenwood from the buttoned-up world of Quelhagen, makes a perfect foil for Bannock. Together, they rally Greenwood's good ole boys and some formidable pioneer women, throw off the colonial oppressors and join the Quelhagen-led Assembled Planets, a noble experiment in interstellar democracy. Drake's minor characters form a rogue's gallery of familiar cowboy-movie stereotypes, and the science in this fiction is minimal, but the good grungy fun rushes to a satisfying, if predictable, conclusion. Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.Paperback
David Drake, Janet MorrisArc RidersThe elite Anti-Revision Command, the ARC Riders, attempt to foil a desperate plot to destroy the United States. Reactionary 23rd century conspirators have changed history, and the Vietnam War has spread to central China.Paperback
David Drake, Janet MorrisThe Fourth RomeArc RidersThe history-guarding commandos from ARC Riders return to thwart renegade time-travelers who are attempting to revise the past, this time in post-Soviet Russia, as well as along the first-century Roman frontier. While the "Time Police" theme is a well-worn SF convention, Drake and Morris play to their strengths, creating a fast-paced narrative filled with gritty combat realism, elements of espionage and convincingly detailed ultra-high technology. The conclusion is a bit anticlimactic but will certainly leave fans of the time-war genre looking forward to the further adventures of the Anti-Revision Command. Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc.Paperback
David DrakeThe Complete Hammer's Slammers Volume 2Hammer's SlammersThis three volume set presents for the first time the genre-defining Slammers series in a uniform hardcover set. This volume features the first four Hammer Novels: At Any Price (1985), Counting the Cost (1987), Rolling Hot (1989) and The Warrior (1991), as well as new artwork, and new interstitial material. Volume 2 will also feature an introduction by David Hartwell, and cover art by John Berkey. Also included is an original Slammers story, "A Day of Glory".Hardcover
David Drake, Roger MacBride AllenThe War Machine (Crisis Of Empire III)Crisis of EmpirePaperback
David DrakeIn the Stormy Red Sky (RCN #7)RCNDrake’s Republic of Cinnabar Navy (RCN) novels have frequently been described as Captain Horatio Hornblower adventures in space. Yet Drake himself credits their inspiration to Patrick O’Brian’s much-heralded Aubrey/Maturin sea tales, with Captain Daniel Leary standing in for Commodore Jack Aubrey, and Leary’s confidante and spy Adele Mundy filling the role of Aubrey’s sidekick, Stephen Maturin. In this eighth installment of the series, Leary and Mundy team up again for another go-round of space-opera-style exploits in a story Drake models after the Roman Empire’s Crisis of the Third Century. During a lull of peace between the Republic of Cinnabar and their longtime nemesis, the Alliance, Leary and Mundy are sent on a routine escort mission to the backwater planet of Zenobia. Yet the peace is soon to be disrupted by the neighboring Palmyrenes plotting a Zenobia invasion. As with most RCN novels, the highlights here are political intrigue, Adele’s wily spycraft, and the pyrotechnics-filled space battles between Leary’s sail-equipped starship and his latest foes. Drake fans won’t be disappointed. --Carl Hays --This text refers to the Mass Market Paperback edition.Hardcover
David Drake, William C. DietzCluster Command (Crisis of Empire II)Crisis of EmpirePaperback
David Drake (ed.)The VoyageThe author of Time Safari assembles an entertaining crew for this novel about a young mercenary's entrance into manhood. Ned Slade wants to make a name for himself, and a voyage on the spaceship Swift provides his opportunity. Captained by the capable, attractive Lissea Doormann and manned by 20 hired killers, the spaceship Swift sets out for the Lost Colony of Pancahte to retrieve a stolen capsule that will vault Lissea to the head of Doormann Trading, one of the galaxy's most powerful businesses. The crew deals efficiently with a number of dangerous landings along the way, retrieves the capsule and returns triumphantly to the Swift 's home port of Telaria, where they face their bloodiest battle. Meanwhile, Ned earns his comrades' respect and Lissea's attention with his combination of sharpshooting and intelligence. Vivid, often gruesome battle scenes abound, but the quieter chapters contain the most intriguing episodes, as Ned and his crewmates witness the planetary devastation wreaked by others of their kind. Drake sometimes overstates his case, and his constant praise of the Swift 's crew eventually grows stale, but he injects depth into a fast-moving tale to create that most elusive of hybrids: an SF adventure with a conscience. Copyright 1993 Reed Business Information, Inc.Hardcover
David Drake (ed.), Charles G. Waugh (ed.), Martin Harry Greenberg (ed.)Space DreadnoughtsPaperback
D. B. DrummThe Road Ghost (Traveler No 7)TravelerPaperback
Diane Duane, Peter MorwoodKill Station (Space Cops #1)Space CopsPaperback
Diane Duane, Peter MorwoodHigh Moon (Space Cops #3)Space CopsHolding the tool of chaos--a decoder prototype they stole from the Solar Patrol, thus making this security apparatus of the elite interplanetary peacekeeping force ineffective--a radical band of space outlaws known as The Red Dawn plans destruction.Paperback
Diane DuaneThe Door Into ShadowAs the eternal malice of the Shadow rises once more to threaten Creation with destructions, Freelorn the exiled prince of Arlen stands with four others to confront this looming apocalypse. Reissue. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.Paperback
Diane Duane, Peter MorwoodMindblast (Space Cops)SpaceCopsPaperback
Dave DuncanParagon Lost: A Chronicle of the King's BladesCanadian author Duncan offers plenty of swashbuckling fantasy adventure in this outstanding stand-alone novel, a follow-up to the three books in his loosely connected Tales of the King's Blades series (The Gilded Chain; Lord of the Fire Lands; Sky of Swords). Set during the reign of King Athelgar about a dozen years after the action of the previous volumes, the present story follows the binding of Sir Beaumont, one of the best of the King's Blades (swordsmen) in the land of Chivial, to the aged Lord Wassail, who must escort a royal princess from the court of the treacherous and insane Czar Igor and deliver a bride to the king. Along with fellow blades Arkell and Oak, Beaumont travels a narrow path in order to keep Wassail safe. Meanwhile, Igor desires his own blade and seeks the secrets of the rituals needed to gain one, aided by vicious ensorcelled dogs and the murderous strelsy. It's up to Beaumont, now disgraced and out of favor, to retrieve and stop a missing blade, Swithin, who's bound to the czar's brother-in-law, from reaching the czar's court. Rich, evocative language and superior narrative skills lift this mix of quest, swordplay, politics, love and honor high above the usual run of genre fiction. This book can only enhance Duncan's reputation as one of the leading masters of epic fantasy. Copyright 2002 Reed Business Information, Inc.Hardcover
Dave DuncanHero!Space opera at its finest and most action-filled, from the bestselling author of fantasy quests, epic tales and swashbuckling adventures. Vaun, born a peasant in the stinking mud flats of Ult, a thriving colony planet, claws his way to survival and fame by becoming the toughest young officer in the Space Patrol. A veteran of the brutal training academy, he seizes opportunities as they arise, leading the first ship out against a surprise attack by the mysterious Brotherhood. He returns to a hero's welcome as the Brotherhood ship falls to the surface of his home planet in shattered pieces. The Brotherhood is elsewhere unstoppable, though, as neighboring plants, one by one, fall silent, conquered. And then, the Patrol detects a huge spacecraft launched from one of the now-silent worlds and headed for Ult. Facing a challenge greater than he can truly hope to overcome, Vaun nonetheless sets out to save Ult for a second time... --This text refers to the Paperback edition.Paperback
J. R. DunnThis Side of JudgmentKnown for his short stories in SF magazines, Dunn makes a solid book-length debut with this near-future adventure-thriller that combines elements of both The Fugitive and Frankenstein. In the 21st century, the U.S. has been fractured by invasion from the south and by foreign and domestic terrorism. The Latino troops have been routed and much of the Southwest has been depopulated, with thousands of survivors having made their way to the small, snowbound town of Ironwood, Montana. When a savagely mutilated corpse is discovered in Ironwood, the question that haunts local police and vigilante groups is whether the town's refugee camps shelter even more frightening "invaders": remnants of a group of cybernetically enhanced supermen from California, referred to as "Chipheads." Enter Ross Bohlen, a gifted but short-fused antiterrorist operative from Washington, D.C., who, in following his instincts in tracking down Chipheads, ends up at odds with his corrupt, bureaucracy-bound bosses and the shell-shocked local sheriff. Complicating the dramatic mix is the presence of another group of Chipheads who want to share their enhanced powers with humanity even while they're fighting off the pychosis-inducing effects of cerebral chip implantation. The satisfying cat-and-mouse development ends with a scene right out of the David Koresh files, proving that you don't have to be enhanced to be crazy. Though curiously old-fashioned in style and story line for a tale whose hard-science plot element is straight out of cyberpunk, Dunn's first novel proves a page-turner. Copyright 1994 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.Paperback
Dorothy DunnettThe Disorderly KnightsPaperback
Frederic S. DurbinThe Star Shard"Durbin has created a world that, though mainly confined to a single mobile city, comes alive with fantastic creatures and a varied cast of supporting characters."--Booklist "Evocative imagery, an enthralling world, and a fully realized storyline that does not depend on future installments make this a standout among recent pre-YA fantasies."--BulletinHardcover

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