Poul AndersonThere Will Be TimeHardcover
Patricia AnthonyCradle of SplendorLike her Cold Allies, which won Locus's Best First Novel award, Anthony's breakneck fifth book is set in a near-future roiling with intrigue and rumors of UFO activity. When the first Brazilian space shot manages to achieve orbit without booster rockets, the world is stunned, then pushed to the brink of cataclysm as the U.S. accuses Brazil of launching nuclear weapons into orbit. The escalating crisis plays out against a background of erupting brutality and sexual depravity, instigated mostly by industrial, political and military spies, and against convincing TV news reports presented in transcript form. In the face of technological achievement that has possibly been bought by selling Brazil's national soul to an extraterrestrial demon, Anthony's sharply realized characters undergo abrupt changes (the women generally take nobler paths than the men). Former CIA agent Dolores Sims and her (somewhat estranged) friend, Brazilian president Ana Maria Bonfim, give until nothing remains of themselves, while young NASA scientist Roger Lintenberg, Japanese industrial spy Hiroshi Sato, Brazilian general Fernando Machado and jaded Brazilian security chief Edson Carvalho take until they relinquish their humanity. Dramatic shifts of scene and point of view enhance the sense of social fragmentation. Anthony adds to her reputation through a briskly involving narrative that offers disturbing glimpses into the black holes of the human heart. Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc.Hardcover
Patricia AnthonyBrother TermiteBy cleverly spinning an intricate plot that draws on tabloid tales of UFOs, alien abductions and conspiracy theories, the author of Cold Allies has created an occasionally farcical but essentially poignant story. An alien race called the Cousins have for decades lived openly on Earth, working in posts at the highest levels of government and industry--ostensibly for humanity's betterment. Actually, the Cousins are completing the implementation of an ominous secret agenda using mind control, covert assassinations and concealed genetic experiments to create human-Cousin hybrids. White House chief of staff Reen is a Cousin who is finding his loyalties increasingly divided between his duty to his own species and his growing attachment to humans, particularly to the sometimes senile, sometimes sly U.S. president and also to the CIA director who happens to be the mother of Reen's own hybrid daughter. Amid increasing domestic unrest, Reen becomes involved in the investigation of mysterious Cousin kidnappings, uncovering complex power bargains and hidden betrayals that could cost both Cousins and humans their fragile futures. With incisive political satire and canny observations, Anthony adroitly inverts the SF cliche by telling the story from the aliens' point of view. And though their tactics are unjustifiable, the Cousins are still sympathetic characters with a moving plight. This tense, often disturbing book is a difficult, but rewarding read. Copyright 1993 Reed Business Information, Inc.Hardcover
Patricia AnthonyGod's FiresGod has fallen to the Earth. Angels are sleeping with women. There is an immaculate conception, and lights are seen in the heavens. Heady stuff for the small village of Quintas, located in Portugal about the time of the Inquisition. While the pragmatic Father Pessoa struggles to keep the strange goings-on hidden from the eyes of the inquistors, the simple King Alfonso has decided that the stricken alien ship is God Himself. And God has let Alfonso in on a secret: the Earth orbits the sun. Unfortunately, the inquisitor-general is on his way to straighten things out. There will be no easy answers.Hardcover
Piers AnthonyOx (Of Man and Manta #3)Of Man and MantaHardcover
Piers AnthonyThousandstar (Cluster, Bk. 4)Cluster Trilogy"The CLUSTER series of adventures is set in a future focused on colonization of distant planets, where every living thing has a Kirlian aura that can be measured. Through transfer, a refinement of mattermission technology, the mind and personality of individuals with high aura can be sent to animate a body physically distant. The first three novels in the sequence, CLUSTER, CHAINING THE LADY and KIRLIAN QUEST form a linked trilogy. THOUSANDSTAR, and VISCOUS CIRCLE came later and take place in the time sequence between the second and third volumes of the original trilogy. VISCOUS CIRCLE is a story about a strange and inhuman race of beings and an experimental attempt to transfer into creatures that seem only slightly sapient. They are ultimate pacifists who take the form of magnetic disks that float through space and simply demagnetize and destroy themselves when faced with an unpleasant thought. The bloodthirsty Solarians, in their desperate hurry to find the mysterious Ancient Site, are determined to wipe out the Bands, a strange and beautiful species whose society is an anarchy of peace. Only Rondl, the whirling green Band can save his race, for he has a singular and awesome knowledge. But suddenly Rondl makes a shocking discovery about his identity--a discovery that may cost him his honor, his beautiful lover Cirl, even his very life." --This text refers to the Paperback edition.Paperback
Piers AnthonyRace Against Time.Hardcover
Piers AnthonyOgre, Ogre (The Magic of Xanth, No. 5)The Magic of XanthSmash, himself, was part ogre. Although ogres were considered so stupid they coud hardly speak, and spent their time eating young girls, seven assorted females had suddenly turned to him for guidance and saftety? In Xanth, one visit to the Good Magician Humfrey worked wonders....Paperback
Piers AnthonyNight Mare (The Magic of Xanth, No. 6)The Magic of XanthAlthough the Nextwave of barbarian warriors was invading Xanth, Mare Imbrium discovered that ever since she had gained the half soul, the night mare had begun to mishandle her job of delivering bad dreams. Exiled to the day world with a message for King Trent, Mare met the relentless, unforgiving Horseman. For the night mare, it began to be all a horrible nightmare! --This text refers to an alternate Mass Market Paperback edition.Paperback
Piers AnthonyOut of Phaze (Apprentice Adept, Book 4)Apprentice AdeptOut of print no longer: Book Four of the Apprentice Adept series--from the New York Times bestselling author. Two worlds--the scientific Proton, and the magical Phaze--exist side-by-side. Now, Mach has crossed from Proton to Phaze, switching places with his counterpart Bane. And both must learn to survive in environments alien to their own nature.Paperback
Piers AnthonyGolem in the Gears (The Magic of Xanth, Book 9)The Magic of XanthYA In this ninth Xanth novel, Grundy Golem is feeling unappreciated, so he decides to begin a Quest to locate Princess Ivy's lost pet dragon, Stanley Steamer. Consultation with Good Magician Humfrey leads him to the Ivory Tower, where he rescues Rapunzel from the Sea Hag. As the Quest procedes, the Hag harries the couple and their companions. The puns that have made this series so popular with teens come thick and fast, although perhaps more forced and wearily than before. A lexicon of Xanthian people, places and things is attached. Copyright 1986 Reed Business Information, Inc.Paperback
Piers AnthonyChaos Mode (The Mode Series Book Three)The Mode SeriesDespite some fresh characters and situations, the uneven third installment of Anthony's new series (after Virtual Mode and Fractal Mode ) ultimately lapses into formula. Escaping an unhappy childhood, 14-year-old Colene has discovered travel on the Virtual Mode, a buffer zone that connects Earth with thousands of alternate realities. With three companions--Darius, Nona and the telepathic horse Seqiro--she meets Burgess, a tentacled being from a world whose evolutionary development differs dramatically from that of Earth. Anthony effectively conveys Burgess's radical otherness through the creature's community-oriented vocabulary, but he is less successful with the human characters, each of whom is defined by an overly simple trait: Darius is honest, Nona beautiful, Colene intelligent but depressed. Travel along the Virtual Mode allows for several imaginative settings and encounters, including a land of giants and a world where horses keep humans as slaves. The plot lacks a strong through-line, however, and the group's adventures soon become cliched; there seems to be no problem their combined abilities can't wrap up quickly and tidily, leaving them poised for the next adventure. Copyright 1993 Reed Business Information, Inc.Hardcover
Piers Anthony, Robert MargroffDragon's Gold (Kelvin of Rud)Spiced by some genuinely frightening moments. A persuasive performance...that should swell the ranks of Anthony's already huge audience. —Kirkus Reviews Anthony and Margroff mix fantasy and science much as Mark Twain did in A Connecticut Yankee. Action, character development, and romance blend nicely in this captivating tale. —Kliatt Paperback Book Guide Good quest of the better examples of its type. —Science Fiction Chronicle This pleasant...fantasy adventure possesses the added irony and realism one expects from Anthony. —Publishers Weekly. --This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition.Paperback
Piers AnthonyCrewel Lye: A Caustic Yarn (The Magic of Xanth, No. 8)The Magic of XanthJordan was a ghost in Castle Roogna now. Although once he had been the most valorus of knights--that is, until he was betrayed by two wily magicians and the woman he loves. Now, if he only can remember how he was killed, he'll be able to reassemble his body. And he is getting impatient.... --This text refers to an alternate Mass Market Paperback edition.Paperback
Piers AnthonyA Spell for Chameleon (The Magic of Xanth, No. 1)The Magic of XanthThough already developing a successful career in SF with such heady novels as Chthon and Omnivore, Piers Anthony did not reach brand-name status until he cooked up some fantasy in 1977. And it was cheerful, humorous fantasy at that, as in his first Xanth series novel, A Spell for Chameleon. The book's young hero, Bink, is without magical powers in a world ruled entirely by magic. Worse still, if he doesn't discover his own magical talent soon, he will be forever banished from his homeland. Naturally, it takes an epic quest for Bink to learn what his unique talent truly is--and perhaps to win the girl of his dreams as well. A Spell for Chameleon was the very first of Anthony's bestselling (and still ongoing) humorous fantasy series. Noteworthy for their outrageous word puns and bizarre characters, the Xanth books are a light yet often satisfying brew, especially when compared with the author's sometimes nihilistic and ultraviolent hard SF. --Stanley Wiater --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.Paperback
Piers AnthonyWielding a Red Sword (Incarnations of Immortality #3)Incarnations of ImmortalityThe fourth book in Anthony's popular Incarnations of Immortality series describes the recruitment of an Indian prince to become the latest Incarnation of Warserving alongside Death, Time, Nature and others. Mym reluctantly accepts the office as a way to cut through the tangled political web that has produced famine in his homeland and trampled on his private life. As hard as Mym works to keep earthly peace, however, Satan is ahead of him with snares and lures that lead to hell. Anthony's setting of a world where both science and magic work was charming in previous volumes but becomes troublesome here: demons coexist with biological warfare; two teardrops from an Incarnation are all it takes to end one aspect of the conflict in Ireland. In fact, most of this weak entry in the series is concerned with finding a proper mate for the hapless Mym. As before, though, the liveliest part of the book is the author's note, a 30-page open letter to his fans in which Anthony feels free to be cantankerous, boastful, whimsical and self-revealing. Major ad/promo. Copyright 1986 Reed Business Information, Inc.Hardcover
Piers AnthonyOn a Pale Horse (Incarnations of Immortality #1)Incarnations of ImmortalityWhen Zane shot Death, he learned, too late, that he would have to assume his place, speeding over the world riding his pale horse, and ending the lives of others. Sooner than he would have thought possible, Zane found himself being drawn to Satan's plot. Already the Prince of Evil was forging a trap in which Zane must act to destroy Luna, the woman he loved...unless he could discover the only way out.... The first novel of the INCARNATIONS OF IMMORATLITY series. --This text refers to the Mass Market Paperback edition.Hardcover
Piers AnthonyBearing an Hourglass (Incarnations of Immortality #2)Incarnations of ImmortalityWhen life seemed pointless to Norton, he accepted the position as the Incarnation of Time, even though it meant living backward from present to past. The other seemingly all-powerful incantations of Immortality--Death, Fate, War, and Nature--made him welcome. Even Satan greeted him with gifts. But he soon discovered that the gifts were cunning traps and he had become enmeshed in a complex scheme of the Evil One to destroy all that was good.... --This text refers to the Mass Market Paperback edition.Hardcover
Piers AnthonyCastle Roogna (Xanth, No. 3)The Magic of XanthMillie, a ghost for 800 years wants only one man--Jonathan, and he's a zombie. To prove himself, Magician Dor volunteers to get the potion that can restore Jonathan to full life. But he has to go back through time to do it, to a peril-haunted, ancient Xanth, where danger lurks at every turn.... --This text refers to an alternate Mass Market Paperback edition.Paperback
Piers AnthonyCentaur Aisle (The Magic of Xanth, No. 4)The Magic of XanthDor agreed to act as King of Xanth so long as Trent was gone for a week. But the weeks passed and Trent did not return. Dor knew he had to rescue his king but with no magic powers, how could it be done...? --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.Paperback
Piers AnthonyVale of the Vole (Xanth, No. 10)The Magic of XanthPaperback
Piers AnthonyMercenary (Bio of a Space Tyrant, Vol. 2)Bio of a Space TyrantThis is the second in the series BIO OF A SPACE TYRANT, featuring the stages in the life of Hope Hubris, the Tyrant of Jupiter, and his beloved sister Spirit. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.Paperback
Piers AnthonyDragon on a Pedestal (The Magic of Xanth, No. 7)The Magic of XanthThere is trouble in Xanth again. The Gap Dragon had escaped and was ravaging across the land, the forget-spell was causing mass amnesia, three-year old Ivy was headed right for a hungry dragon. Could things get any worse? Probably.... --This text refers to an alternate Mass Market Paperback edition.Paperback
Piers AnthonyKillobyteNot so much a novel as a series of situational puzzles, this stand-alone book by the bestselling author of the Xanth series features two characters who play a computer-generated virtual reality game called Killobyte. Walter Toland, an incapacitated former policeman, and Baal Curran, an angst-ridden, diabetic teenage girl, get to know each other as they enter into a game that calls for them to rescue a princess from a castle. But then they find themselves trapped inside the simulation by a hacker named Phoney Phreak. While the character-bodies they wear in the computer world are in no danger, their real bodies--Baal's weakened by diabetes and Walter's by a bad heart--are very much at risk. Written in Anthony's usual glib style, the novel is unimaginative in the extreme. Watching these paper-thin characters solve uninteresting puzzles is a maddening bore; and gaping holes in the plot, technological inconsistencies and Anthony's apparent ignorance of current methods of treating diabetes combine to make this one of his weakest efforts. Copyright 1992 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.Paperback
Piers AnthonyWith A Tangled Skein (Incarnations of Immortality #3)Incarnations of ImmortalityWhen the man Niobe loved was shot, she learned that she had been the target, in a devious plot of the Devil's. Hoping for revenge, she discovered, too late, how intricate his scheming was, and that he had managed to trap her son and her granddaughter, Luna. Niobe's only chance to save them was to accept a challenge by the Prince of Deceit--a challenge to be decided in Hell and in a maze of Satan's devising! --This text refers to the Mass Market Paperback edition.Hardcover

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