Parke Godwin (ed.)Invitation to CamelotPaperback
Tom GodwinBeyond Another SunPaperback
Stephen GoldinHerdsWesley Stoneham thought he could get away with murdering his wife by blaming the crime on a hippie commune. What he didn't realize was that there was a witness: an alien creature exploring Earth by means of astral projection. Now the alien faces two tough questions: Should he violate his world's laws by getting involved in an alien problem? And even if he does, how can he possibly communicate what he saw? --This text refers to the Paperback edition. Cover by Kelly Freas.Paperback
Stephen GoldinAssault on the GodsArdeva Korrell, captain of a small interstellar trading ship, has fought prejudice, both because she's a woman and because she's an Eoan, a native of a world with an unpopular religion. Now she's fighting the god-like rulers of a backward planet to save not only her crew, but the entire native population as well. Their mission is straightforward: to storm the gates of Heaven itself. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.Paperback
Stephen Goldin, E. E. "Doc" SmithThe Purity Plot (The Family d'Alembert series #6)The Family d'AlembertPaperback
Stephen GoldinCaravanLaser Books, October 1975 release. Original science fiction novels, three novels were issued per month beginning August 1975 until the line folded in February 1977.Paperback
Lisa GoldsteinThe Alchemist's DoorThe legend of the golem, an increasingly popular piece of Jewish folklore, and an obscure portion of medieval history come to intriguing life in this supernatural thriller from American Book Award-winner Goldstein (The Red Magician; Dark Cities Underground). Ambitious 16th-century (real-life) English alchemist John Dee and his associate, Edward Kelley, summon spirits to learn the nature of the world, but are unprepared when a demon answers their spells instead and threatens Dee's family. Hoping to escape, Dee and his family travel with Kelley to Prague, where they plan to ask the patronage of eccentric King Rudolf. In Prague, Dee meets Rabbi Judah Loew, who seek to learn the identity of Jewish legend's 36 righteous men, whose very existence protects the world from being remade by evil. Unfortunately, influenced by Kelley, Rudolf thinks that if he can find those righteous men and kill them, he will be able to remake the world to his own specifications. After escaping Rudolf's prison, Dee and Loew build a man of clay, a golem, to protect Prague's Jewish quarter from the king's soldiers, only to find once again that summoned powers can be hard to handle safely. In order to defeat evil, both men will first have to weigh their own magical abilities and realize that the power to create is merely the other side of the power to destroy. Although Goldstein's story has a tendency to meander all over the map, diluting her strong message about the cost of power and pride, Dee and Loew's search for truth makes for a telling morality tale. Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information, Inc.Hardcover
David L. GolemonEventFormer Special Ops member Golemon puts his military experience to good use in this promising debut sure to satisfy fans of The X-Files. Maj. Jack Collins, whose career was jeopardized after he testified truthfully before Congress about a debacle in Afghanistan, is given a new lease on life after he's drafted into the Event Group, a covert organization that hides behind the facade of the National Archives. The group's shadowy leaders reveal to Collins that they have secretly served every U.S. president since Lincoln, tracking down artifacts like Noah's Ark in the interest of national security. Collins receives a baptism of fire when the downing of a military aircraft appears to be the work of the same kind of UFOs responsible for the legendary Roswell incident in 1947. While the climactic scenes may be a bit too reminiscent of the parody horror film Tremors for some, the plotting and hair's-breadth escapes evoke some of the early work of Preston and Child, and the author's premise offers a rich lode of materials for the inevitable sequels. (Sept.) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.Paperback
Steven GouldJumperGould makes an auspicious debut with this playful and moving look at a hallowed science fiction concept: teleportation. Gould gives us no teleportation chambers, no shimmery beaming a la Star Trek , no worries about mingling one's own molecules with a fly's--here only one person can teleport, and he has no idea how he does it. David Rice, age 17, first "jumps" spontaneously in order to escape his abusive father. Having run away, he learns to control his strange talent, using it first to survive on the street and then to set himself up comfortably via bank robbery. Gould does not focus on moral implications so much as keep the plot moving quickly. David searches for his long-lost mother, meets and woos a girl, enjoys the pleasures of a leisurely life in New York and (despite his best efforts) eventually runs afoul of the authorities, who of course want to understand his powers and then put him to work for them. Short fiction has earned this author a reputation in "hard" science fiction, and he applies similar logic to teleportation (though he glosses over some points to make the story work). His warm, delightful and compulsively readable novel displays assured storytelling skill. Copyright 1992 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.Paperback
Daniel jr. GrahamThe GatekeepersPity the novelist who unintentionally shoots his heroes, as well as himself, in the foot?as seems to be the case with Graham in this first novel that, apparently inadvertently puts the seamier side of defense contracting on display. Graham's ostensible heroes are Rolf Bernard and his cohorts at BAP, "the biggest aerospace company in the world." Bernard is a businessman who claims to possess a space-oriented technology superior to that employed by NASA. He must battle frustrating federal bureaucracy, however, to deploy his Single-Stage-to-Orbit spacecraft, especially in order to launch "Brilliant Pebbles," a series of satellites designed to shoot down ballistic missiles and to ensure that the U.S. (or at least BAP) controls low-orbital space the way the English used to control the high seas. Bernard and his colleagues?the "gatekeepers"?come up with ingenious technological solutions to further their cause; even when they fail, the gaffes are interesting?a spaceship landing on an interstate highway, a short circuit caused by fruit bats. The problem for most readers will be that Bernard isn't much of a hero?in order to raise cash, for instance, he's willing to sell planes to a sanctioned China, skirting government regulations by first routing the planes to Bulgaria. Bernard and his crew also tend to treat woman as second-class citizens. Several red herrings involving the entrepreneur's estranged wife add twists to the plot without deepening it, and by novel's end, when Bernard is asking for $1.3 billion plus "total immunity from criminal prosecution" for the Pebbles System, most readers will be wondering why he, or anyone else in this novel, deserves to be rewarded for ingenuity or derring-do. Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.Paperback
Kathryn GrantWillow Garden (The Land of Ten Thousand Willows, Bk 3)The Land of Ten Thousand WillowsPaperback
Geary GravelThe AlchemistsPaperback
Andrew M. GreeleyThe Final PlanetHardcover
Joseph GreenThe HordeNumber 27 in the Laser Books series of original science fiction novels, released in April 1976. Three novels were be issued per month until the line folded in February 1977.Paperback
Roland J. GreenThe Sum of Things (Starcruiser Shenandoah)Starcruiser ShenandoahA war-torn space hero faces a dangerous threat in the sequel to Squadron Alert and Division of the Spoils. Reissue.Paperback
Roland J. GreenDivision of the Spoils (Starcruiser Shenandoah)Starcruiser ShenandoahThe Shenandoah is sent out to investigate the explosion of a ship, but then a rebel army stages the first devastating attack in a campaign to overthrow the Republic's government, and suddenly a world at peace was transformed into a planet on the brink of destruction. Original.Paperback
Roland J. GreenWarriors for the Working Day (Starcruiser Shenandoah)Starcruiser ShenandoahAs the human-run Federation and the alien Coordination head closer and closer to an inevitable conflict, the crew of the Federation's starcruiser Shenandoah may be the world's last hope for peace.Paperback
Roland J. GreenThe Mountain WalksPaperback
Roland J. GreenVain Command (Starcruiser Shenandoah)Starcruiser ShenandoahAssigned to reinforce the Federation presence at a training colony, the crew of the Shenandoah must contend with troublesome intelligence agents and rumors of Federation officials' involvement in an immigration scandal.Paperback
Roland J. GreenPeace CompanyPaperback
Roland J. GreenThe Painful Field (Starcruiser Shenandoah)Starcruiser ShenandoahAs the mercenary forces of the Hunters attempt to rouse the alien-run Coordination, the crew of the Federation's starcruiser Shenandoah jump into action to stop them.Paperback
Roland J. GreenSquadron Alert (Starcruiser Shenandoah)Starcruiser ShenandoahWhen the United Federation of Starworlds receives a call for aid from a world divided between the Federation and its most powerful competitor, Captain Rose Liddell readies the battle cruiser Shenandoah in an attempt to halt the breakout of interstellar war.Paperback
Sharon GreenGateway to Xanadu (Diana Santee Spaceways Agent, No. 2)Diana Santee Spaceways AgentPaperback
Sharon GreenAn Oath to Mida (Jalav/Amazon Warrior #2)Jalav/Amazon WarriorJalav escapes capture by males, but when she's badly wounded during the escape she falls captive again. Once she's healed she's taken on a journey to a place where the dark god Sigurr is supposed to be found. Once there she finds someone else as well, as well as something of an explanation of what's been happening. --This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition.Paperback
Sharon GreenWind Whispers, Shadow ShoutsTaking their rightful places as rulers of the land, shapeshifter Queen Alexia and warrior champion King Tiran are confronted by a terrible sorcerer who enchants the queen and threatens to enslave the kingdom.Paperback

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