Robert A. HeinleinTime Enough For LoveSure, there's time enough for love...but who has time enough to get through 281/2 hours of a novel as dull as this? It opens 22 centuries in the future, when the ruler of a remote colony planet tries to keep 2000-year-old Lazarus Long from committing suicide before he passes on what he has learned. What follows is a very talky book, comprised mostly of Long's reminiscences. Curious about his possible blood ties to almost everyone he encounters, Long talks at length about genetics, but what he says now seems absurdly out-of-date, thanks to recent developments in DNA fingerprinting. When this book first appeared in 1973, it was hailed as one of Heinlein's masterworks the capstone to his future history cycle. Now it creaks with age, leaving listeners to marvel at how quickly the future can grow stale. Lloyd James's reading injects some life into the story but not enough to make it a worthwhile acquisition to any but well-funded sf collections. R. Kent Rasmussen, Thousand Oaks, CA Copyright 2001 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to the Audio Cassette edition.Paperback
Robert A. HeinleinPast Through TomorrowPaperback
Robert A. Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Samuel R. Delany, John Varley, James jr. Tiptree, Jack Vance, Theodore Sturgeon, Damon Knight (ed.), Robert Silverberg (ed.), Cordwainer Smith, James Blish, A. Bertram Chandler, Charles V. DeVet, Katherine MacLean, Robert Silverberg (ed.), Martin H. Greenberg (ed.)The Arbor House Treasury of Great Science Fiction Short Novels * A Case of Conscience • (1953) • novella by James Blish * Beyond Bedlam • (1951) • novella by Wyman Guin * Born With the Dead • (1974) • novella by Robert Silverberg * By His Bootstraps • (1941) • novella by Robert A. Heinlein * Dio • (1957) • novelette by Damon Knight * Equinoctial • [Eight Worlds] • (1977) • novella by John Varley * Giant Killer • (1945) • novella by A. Bertram Chandler * Houston, Houston, Do You Read? • (1976) • novella by James Tiptree, Jr. * Introduction (The Arbor House Treasury of Great Science Fiction Short Novels) • (1980) • essay by Martin H. Greenberg and Robert Silverberg [as by Martin Harry Greenberg and Robert Silverberg ] * On the Storm Planet • [Casher O'Neill] • (1965) • novella by Cordwainer Smith * Second Game • [Kalin Trobt] • (1958) • novelette by Katherine MacLean and Charles V. De Vet * The Dead Past • (1956) • novelette by Isaac Asimov * The Golden Helix • (1954) • novella by Theodore Sturgeon * The Miracle-Workers • (1958) • novella by Jack Vance * The Road to the Sea • (1951) • novella by Arthur C. Clarke * The Star Pit • (1967) • novella by Samuel R. Delany Hardcover
Robert A. HeinleinFridayEngineered from the finest genes, and trained to be a secret courier in a future world, Friday operates over a near-future Earth, where chaos reigns. Working at Boss's whimsical behest she travels from far north to deep south, finding quick, expeditious solutions as one calamity after another threatens to explode in her face.... --This text refers to the Mass Market Paperback edition.Hardcover
Robert A. HeinleinTime for the StarsHardcover
Robert A. Heinlein, Spider RobinsonVariable StarLike a good Ganymedean farmer in the sky, Robinson (Callahan's Key) plants both feet firmly in Heinlein territory with this mostly credible pastiche of a Heinlein young adult novel circa 1955. Working from an unfinished outline and notes, Robinson tells the coming-of-age tale of Joel Johnston, who flees a broken romance to the new colony planet Brasil Novo 85 light-years away. Joel and his companions demonstrate the odd mixture of innocence and sexual experimentation that Heinlein employed, as Robinson captures the naïve yet advanced tone of Heinlein's future history. But the strain of a contemporary author trying to fit his sensibility about the future (in which nonaggression is a way of life, for example) into Heinlein's more notably militaristic mindset leaves its traces on the characters and plot, with some unexplained role reversals. Nostalgia for Heinlein's early work may pique interest in this posthumous collaboration, but old Heinlein hands may be disappointed that the book is incomplete, being all journey and no arrival. (Sept.) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.Paperback
Robert A. Heinlein, Yoji Kondo (ed.)Requiem: New Collected Works by Robert A. Heinlein and Tributes to the Grand MasterThe New Collected Works portion of this memorial to Heinlein ( Stranger in a Strange Land ) is a delight. Best of these stories, essays and speeches are "Shooting Destination Moon ," an essay on the movie that follows the story on which the film was based, and the prescient Guest of Honor speeches from the World Science Fiction Conventions of 1941 and 1961. Heinlein's contributions, while not necessarily representing his best work, are always thought-provoking and never boring. In contrast, the tributes by such luminaries as Tom Clancy, L. Sprague and Catherine Crook de Camp, Arthur C. Clarke and Spider Robinson offer tedious variations on adulation. The sole exception is Larry Niven's story "The Return of William Proxmire," in which the senator blocks the space program with a time machine. He keeps Heinlein in the Navy and forestalls the body of writing that would influence many to pursue careers in space. Kondo is director of the International Ultraviolet Explorer satellite observatory at Goddard Space Flight Center. Copyright 1992 Reed Business Information, Inc.Hardcover
Robert A. HeinleinThe Number of the BeastWhen two male and two female supremely sensual, unspeakably cerebral humans find themselves under attack from aliens who want their awesome quantum breakthrough, they take to the skies -- and zoom into the cosmos on a rocket roller coaster ride of adventure and danger, ecstasy and peril. --This text refers to an alternate Mass Market Paperback edition.Paperback
Robert A. HeinleinMenace From EarthPaperback
Robert A. HeinleinCitizen of the GalaxyTrade Paperback
Robert A. HeinleinHave Space Suit--Will TravelGrade 7 Up-Robert Heinlein's 1958 story comes to life and is still timely almost half a century after it was published.. Teenager Kip Russell, infatuated with the idea of traveling to the Moon, enters a contest to win such an opportunity. However, his dream becomes a nightmareâ€"and a space soap operaâ€"when he comes upon a race of space creatures who have kidnapped a little girl from Earth's Moon Station. Rescuing Pee Wee lands Kip with a traveling companion who is very smart but much in need of protection. Fortunately, or so the kids believe at first, another alien being, whom they call the "Mother Thing," is available as both advisor and space guide. Their travels take them to Pluto, where they escape the clutches of Bronx-gangster humans, and then out to galaxies beyond our own. Eventually, Kip and Pee Wee stand trial in the stead of all humanity, a race charged with its rampant disregard for peace and environmental justice. Bruce Coville's young audiobook company treats this tale handily, with each character well acted by an age-appropriate reader. Pee Wee's childish voice sometimes requires adjustment to the volume level, but she and Kip carry the major portion of the tale between them, with interesting and appropriate musical effects added during chapter breaks and to the voice of the Mother Thing. Heinlein's writing stands the test of time, and contemporary youth will be inspired by the visions of space travel their own grandparents might have had at their age.-Francisca Goldsmith, Berkeley Public Library, CA Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. --This text refers to the Audio Cassette edition.Paperback
Robert A. HeinleinStranger in a Strange Land Stranger in a Strange Land, winner of the 1962 Hugo Award, is the story of Valentine Michael Smith, born during, and the only survivor of, the first manned mission to Mars. Michael is raised by Martians, and he arrives on Earth as a true innocent: he has never seen a woman and has no knowledge of Earth's cultures or religions. But he brings turmoil with him, as he is the legal heir to an enormous financial empire, not to mention de facto owner of the planet Mars. With the irascible popular author Jubal Harshaw to protect him, Michael explores human morality and the meanings of love. He founds his own church, preaching free love and disseminating the psychic talents taught him by the Martians. Ultimately, he confronts the fate reserved for all messiahs. The impact of Stranger in a Strange Land was considerable, leading many children of the 60's to set up households based on Michael's water-brother nests. Heinlein loved to pontificate through the mouths of his characters, so modern readers must be willing to overlook the occasional sour note ("Nine times out of ten, if a girl gets raped, it's partly her fault."). That aside, Stranger in a Strange Land is one of the master's best entertainments, provocative as he always loved to be. Can you grok it? --Brooks Peck --This text refers to the Mass Market Paperback edition.Hardcover
Robert A. HeinleinRed PlanetReview of book: "A fascinating story of Earth-humans on Mars . . . the most thrilling and tingling kind of science fiction story by an experienced hand." --Kirkus Review of book: "Readers young and old will enjoy this fastpmoving adventure novel." --Chicago Tribune --This text refers to the Audio CD edition.Paperback
Robert A. HeinleinHeinlein Trio Omnibus of three novels: The Puppet Masters; Double Star; The Door into Summer.Hardcover
Robert A. HeinleinTo Sail Beyond the SunsetThe millions of fans of Lazarus Long--probably Heinlein's most beloved character--will flock to this new tale, which continues adventures of the characters of The Cat Who Walked Through Walls. From the author of Stranger in a Strange Land and Time Enough for Love.Paperback
Robert A. HeinleinFarmer in the SkyPaperback
Robert A. HeinleinI Will Fear No EvilPaperback
Mark HelprinWinter's TaleThe celebrated New York City epic appears for the first time in trade paperback in anticipation of publication of Helprin's new novel, Memoir from Antproof Case. Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.Paperback
Mark HelprinRefiner's FireAn orphaned immigrant's experiences take him from the Hudson River Valley to Harvard, off to sea on a British merchant ship, then finally back to his birthplace, where he serves as an Israeli soldier in the Yom Kippur War.Paperback
Zenna HendersonThe Anything BoxPaperback
Zenna HendersonHolding Wonder
Frank HerbertGod Emperor of DuneDuneHardcover
Frank HerbertDune Messiah (Dune #2)DuneIn 1965 Frank Herbert published Dune. After it was heralded as a masterpiece of science fiction, he wrote the briefer Dune Messiah in 1969, concentrating eponymously on Paul Atreides, and then, sensing the sales potential, added sequels. They were continued by his son, culminating in the just published finale, Sandworms of Dune. Now, 38 years after its publication, four narrators capture Dune Messiah on discs, while listeners, with no glossary, try to recall the meaning of its esoteric nomenclature. The audio gets off to a lively start as the book opens with nearly all conversation, playing up the camaraderie between the narrators who have partnered on several other readings of classic sci-fi novels. While the cast works well together, some of the male narrators emphasize a stately dullness. Kellgren, the sole feminine voice, supplies real emotion and a true sense of awe. (Oct.) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. --This text refers to the Audio CD edition.Paperback
Frank HerbertThe Dosadi ExperimentHardcover
Frank Herbert, Bill RansomThe Lazarus EffectHardcover

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