Gwyneth JonesNorth WindJones is a novelist of exotically futuristic worlds whose complex political landscapes heavily influence the scope of her plots-as in White Queen, the first winner of the James Tiptree Jr. Award, to which this new novel is a highly sophisticated sequel. Here, Jones focuses on the hermaphroditic, seemingly telepathic, Aleutians, aliens who have settled on Earth. The main character is the "crippled" Aleutian Goodlooking, aka Bella, a meek librarian who discovers hidden inner strengths after being rescued by the Aleutians' human translator, Sydney Carton, from a mass execution. The story follows the pair's adventures as they escape across lands ravaged by the Gender Wars-ongoing battles that pit Traditionalists (who believe in male superiority) against various Reformers. In time, Bella becomes the focal point in a deadly race to rediscover an instantaneous transmission device. Imbued with creative extrapolations on sex, politics and immortality, this is SF at its ruminative best. Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc.Hardcover
J. V. JonesA Cavern of Black Ice (Sword of Shadows #1)Sword of ShadowsA Cavern of Black Ice opens J.V. Jones's Sword of Shadows trilogy. (Her first novel was The Baker's Boy.) The story is set in a land divided among small warring clans of hunters and more sophisticated southern cities whose lords covet the clan territories. Young clansman Raif has a touch of "old blood" magic that guides his arrows to the heart. Bad times come when a hunting party that includes his father and clan chief is wiped out by a supernaturally aided attack, and Raif's open suspicion of the brutal new leader eventually drives him into exile. Meanwhile, Iss, overlord of Spire Vanis city, keeps a chained-up sorcerer whose powers he channels by revolting means, and has unexplained but shuddersome plans for his "foster daughter" Ash--herself an unwilling focus of dread forces. Raif and Ash find themselves fleeing together through wintry, hostile clanlands, pursued by Iss's vilest henchmen, seeking the dubious goal of the Cavern of Black Ice. What lifts this tale far above routine quest fantasy is Jones's deft characterization, relentless intensity, and unsparing depiction of pain and slow-healing injury. She has a flair for memorably horrid images. Here a sorcerer gloats over one of his nastier tricks: "A man could not fight when his corneas were snapped from his eyes like badges from a chest." This hefty volume is over 800 pages long, but the narrative grips hard once it's gained momentum, and the pages turn increasingly fast. Strong meat. Next comes book two, A Fortress of Grey Ice. --David Langford,
Raymond F. JonesThe King of EolimLaser Books #12, November 1975. Laser was a line of SF adventure novels which published 3 titles per month between August 1975 and February 1977. Cover by Kelly Freas.Paperback
Raymond F. JonesRenegades of TimeNumber one in the Laser Books series of original science fiction novels, released in August 1975. Three novels would be issued per month until the line folded in February 1977. Cover by Kelly Freas.Paperback
Robert JordanThe Wheel of Time (1st part of #1)The Wheel of TimeChapters 1-18 of "The Eye of the World," which is book one of the long series.Paperback
Robert JordanLord of Chaos (The Wheel of Time, Book 6)The Wheel of TimeWhile Jordan's prose is sometimes bloated, he rises above his Tolkien-influenced contemporaries (Brooks, Eddings, et al.) with his skill at narrative pacing and his ability to create fully realized characters (though his treatment of sexuality will appeal primarily to adolescents). In this sixth volume in the immensely popular The Wheel of Time series (The Fires of Heaven), Rand al'Thor consolidates his power base and attempts to come to a rapprochement with the Aes Sedai, the female mystics who channel the One Power and whose schism lends tension to his meetings with them. The schism has unexpected consequences for three young women: determined Egwene al' Vere, precocious Elayne Trakand and braid-tugging Nynaeve al'Meara. Centering upon that trio's exploits and discoveries, and on Rand's further adventures, this volume offers several major turns of events while laying the groundwork for future intrigues. It may be be several more volumes before Rand al'Thor confronts the Dark One in Tarmon Gai'don ("the last battle"), yet, as Jordan demonstrates here, he's likely to keep his fans interested throughout the long and winding journey. 250,000 first printing; major ad/promo; author tour. Copyright 1994 Reed Business Information, Inc.Hardcover
David KaganSunstrokeWhen the United States builds and launches a solar powered satellite that conducts massive amounts of energy in the form of microwave rays, utter devastation ensues when a malfunction misdirects the rays. Reprint.Paperback
Janet KaganUhura's SongADF syndrome, a deadly plague, threatens the planet Eeiauo, and an oath to a friend prevents Uhura from revealing a forbidden song which may contain a clue to prevention of the disease. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.Paperback
Marc Vun KannonUnbinding the Stone (The Flame in the Bowl Book One)The Flame in the Bowl"...plainly entertaining...a pleasure to go for a enjoyable new voice...a fast-paced fable." --Kfir Luzzatto, author of CROSSING THE MEADOW "Remarkably complex...often very funny...NOT your run-of-the-mill tale of saving the world...considerably more original! --Tanya Huff, author of THE BETTER PART OF VALOR "...a unique and memorable fantasy tale...a joy to read...entertaining dialogue...carefully crafted..." --Fallen Angel ReviewsTrade Paperback
Guy Gavriel KayThe Darkest Road (The Fionavar Tapestry #3)The Fionavar TapestryHardcover
Marvin Kaye, Parke GodwinWintermindPaperback
Marvin Kaye (ed.), Saralee Kaye (ed.)Devils & DemonsHardcover
Marjorie B. KelloggA Rumor of AngelsPaperback
Walter KendrickA Fire in the SkyNovelization of the movie starring Richard Crenna. Based upon a story by Paul Gallico. "A terrifying novel of cosmic destruction!"Paperback
Kay KenyonLeap PointSet in the near future, Kay Kenyon's second fast-paced, exciting science fiction novel follows three story lines in Midwestern Medicine Falls... Abby McCrae lives quietly with a roommate above her 20th century antique shop. She still grieves for her teenager daughter Vitt, who committed suicide two years earlier. At least, everyone thinks it was suicide. After finding her diary, Abbey discovers Vitt's addiction to a virtual reality game called Nir, and her "studies" at the cultlike Dimension Institute. Concerned about foul play, she hires a detective to help her uncover the truth. Another story line tracks the shady maneuvers of Dimension Institute's charismatic leader, Zachariah, who has plans and secrets of his own and doesn't want Vitt's mother poking around in them. One secret he's hiding involves his connection to an alien race secreting themselves and their "leap point" out on Zachariah's ranch. The townspeople of Medicine Falls make up another thread. Depressed by the economy and growing isolation, more and more of them take comfort in Nir, short for Nirvana; if real life and love is disappointing, there's always a better, if virtual, reality while playing. Suspense builds as the three threads interweave, catalyzed by the growing threat of Nir and the aliens, who seek to conquer humanity.Paperback
Kay KenyonThe Seeds of TimeClio Finn is a Dive pilot, one of the few humans able to guide a spacecraft back through time. In a 2019 that has seen Earth lose most of its plant life, Dives are the last hope humanity has for finding new seeds to replenish the planet. But Clio is strung out on drugs, one step away from a court-martial, and carrying a terrible secret about her past. When events force her to make a desperate attempt to save the planet, Clio has little to lose. It is then that she learns humanity's troubles are far worse than they seem ...Paperback
Katharine KerrThe Bristling Wood (Deverry Series, Book Three)Deverry SeriesThe war between Light and Darkness in the world of Deverry reaches a critical stage as the Dark Council moves against three people whose fates are linked with the world's destiny. This sequel to Daggerspell and Darkspell continues a complex story of a love triangle that spans time and space as Prince Rhodri of Eldidd, the warrior-woman he loves, and a mage who shares their karmic burden seek to unravel their tragic past. This Celtic-based fantasy is recommended for libraries owning the previous titles.-- JC Copyright 1989 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.Paperback
Katharine KerrDaggerspell"This grand saga a wide margin the best  Celtic fantasy around."--Chicago  Sun-Times -- ReviewPaperback
Katharine KerrDarkspellOn the long roads of Deverry ride two mercenaries whose fates like hidden deep in that of their own land.  But Lord Rhodry, exiled from the dragon court of Aberwyn, has yet to discover his true parentage, and his swordmaster-lover, Jill, has barely glimpsed her awesome powers.  Meanwhile, the ancient sorcerer Nevyn, held back by his vows from boldly intervening in their lives, can only watch and wait as Rhodry and Jill move ever closer to danger.  For as the two struggle to recover the Great Stone, the mystic jewel that guides the conscience of the kingship of Deverry, malevolent dark masters are weaving terrifying spells against them--and displacing messengers of death. Katharine Kerr has extensively rewritten Darkspell, incorporating major changes in the text, making this her definitive edition.  Here the epic saga that began with the Daggerspell continues--a tale of might and magic, lust and glory, dark danger and poignant desires that echo from Deverry's sapphire waters to its secret mountain caverns.  It's a spellbinding story destined to please fantasy lovers everywhere.Paperback
Katharine Kerr (ed.), Martin H. Greenberg (ed.)Weird Tales from ShakespeareFrom Barbara Denz's behind-the-scenes look at the real story behind the "second best bed" ("The Will") to Kate Daniel's revised version of a famous tragedy ("The Tragedy of Gertrude, Queen of Denmark"), the 23 stories in this standout collection pay tribute to the life and work of William Shakespeare. Featuring contributions by Barry Malzburg, Esther M. Friesner, Dennis McKiernan, and others, this volume belongs in most libraries. Copyright 1994 Reed Business Information, Inc.Paperback
John KesselCorrupting Dr. NiceIn John Kessel's world, time travel has given humanity a great gift: the ability to exploit an almost infinite number of alternate pasts. And exploit it they have. Sightseeing tours to the crucifixion and front row seats at Caesar's assassination are just the beginning. But nice-guy Dr. Owen Vannice just wants to bring a dinosaur named Wilma forward for study. Then he meets August and Genevieve, a father-and-daughter con artist team, and together they land in the middle of a past revolt. "Entertaining, funny, and, best of all, highly serious," according to author Connie Willis. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.Paperback
Daniel KeyesFlowers for AlgernonPaperback
J. Gregory KeyesThe Blackgod (Chosen of the Changeling, Bk 2)Chosen of the ChangelingThe Blackgod brings the tale begun in The Waterborn to a satisfying conclusion. J. Gregory Keyes continues the adventures of Princess Hehzi of Nhol and her unwilling champion, Perkar of the Cattle People, as they struggle to survive the machinations of both the insatiable River God and his brother, the trickster Blackgod, Karak. This is epic fantasy at its best--original, richly textured, and filled with compelling characters. Hehzi and Perkar are with the Mang, nomadic, horse-worshiping people. Under the protection and guidance of a shaman, Brother Horse, Hehzi learns to control and use her ability to manipulate the spirit world. But Ghe, the priestly assassin Perkar beheaded in The Waterborn, has been restored by the River and sent after Hehzi, and another clan of the Mang has declared war on Perkar's people. Their shaman has had a vision that demands Perkar's death. And the Blackgod wants them to journey to the River's source and slay him. People who don't read epic fantasy can enjoy this high adventure. Fans of the genre may be reminded of Kate Elliott's Jaran series and Philip José Farmer's Riverworld saga. Don't be put off by the size of these books; Keyes has the storytelling power to carry you swiftly through them. --Nona Vero --This text refers to the Mass Market Paperback edition.Hardcover
Lee KilloughDeadly SilentsPaperback
Lee KilloughDragon's TeethPaperback

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