Wright MorrisThe Fork River Space ProjectHardcover
James MorrowThe Wine of Violence"There was a time, believe it or not, when human beings did each other harm. In the chaotic ages preceding the Stromboli Solution, torture , rape, war, and murder happened almost daily."Hardcover
Sam Moskowitz (ed.), Roger Elwood (ed.)Strange SignpostsHardcover
Sam Moskowitz (ed.)Modern Masterpieces of Science FictionHardcover
Sam Moskowitz (ed.)Science Fiction by Gaslight; A History and Anthology of Science Fiction in the Popular Magazines, 1891-1911,Hardcover
C. E MurphyThunderbird Falls (The Walker Papers, Book 2)The Walker PapersJoanne Walker, a likable young Seattle beat cop, continues to learn the ropes of her even more dangerous job as a shaman in Murphy's spirited second urban fantasy (after 2005's Urban Shaman). After a fencing lesson at the university, Joanne stumbles on the body of Cassandra Tucker, a 20-year-old junior, in the showers. The autopsy report states that Cassandra's death was due to a heart condition, but Joanne suspects otherwise. In her role as shaman, Joanne investigates "the Dead Zone," a place between life and death, while her earthside sleuthing leads to a coven that in recognition of her special abilities invites her to take Cassandra's place in opening a passage between worlds for Virissong, an ancient Native American spirit who's expected to end a local heat wave and global warming. Unfortunately, if not surprisingly, Joanne discovers after several nightmarish and somewhat bloated magical misadventures that Virissong is one nasty lying serpent. (May) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.Trade Paperback
C. E MurphyWalking Dead (The Walker Papers, Book 4)The Walker PapersShaman Joanne Walker juggles ghosts, zombies and her day job as a greenhorn Seattle homicide detective in her feverishly cluttered fourth adventure (after 2007's Coyote Dreams). Fortunately, ghost whisperer Billy Holliday is on hand at Joanne's Halloween party when ghosts burst out of a cauldron. When the ancient Cauldron of Matholwch is stolen from a Seattle museum and a dark pall spreads over the city, it's not hard to spot the connection. After a dire premonition, Walker travels the astral planes to join the Wild Hunt on a seemingly unrelated quest. The plot doesn't so much thicken as sag from too many tricky twists and a mishmash of mythology, including Celtic and Native American lore, witchcraft, stage magic, clairvoyance and gods, but at least Joanne remains an appealing protagonist. (Sept.) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.Trade Paperback
C. E MurphyDemon Hunts (The Walker Papers, Book 5)The Walker PapersIn Murphy's oddly fuzzy fifth mystery featuring half-Cherokee, half-Irish Seattle police detective Joanne Walker, the usually feisty urban shaman and her psychically gifted partner, Billy Holliday, confront the Seattle Slaughterer, a cannibalistic serial killer who might also be a banshee or a wendigo. Joanne's beginning to appreciate her gifts of healing and Sight, as does her boss, Capt. Michael Morrison, but it's the anniversary of her mother's death, and she's still grieving the loss of Coyote, her Navajo mentor and boyfriend. She's delighted when Coyote suddenly returns, and less thrilled that the investigation requires her to travel into the eerie Lower and Middle World to save victims and confront the monster. Unfortunately, the romantic reunion with Coyote generates few sparks for this low-key installment, and the killer, who should be terrifying, comes off as a scenery-chewing conundrum. (June) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.Trade Paperback
Edward MyersFire and Ice (Mountain Made of Light, Book 2)Mountain Made of LightWith the Mountain Drawn separated into two hostile camps, Forster, the Man of Darkness and Ignorance, prepares to sacrifice anyone to his own obsessive drive to reach the legendary Mountain Made of Light.Paperback
Linda NagataLimit of VisionWith this compelling biotech thriller, Nagata, who was trained as a zoologist, shifts from the far future of her trilogy--The Bohr Maker, Deception Well and Vast--to a scientific revolution even now a-brewing: nanotechnology, the creation of microscopic organisms that can penetrate the inner workings of complex beings like man, curing illnesses, correcting genetic flaws, even, as here, evolving its hosts into utterly different forms of life. Virgil Copeland, sole survivor of three idealistic young biologists who willingly became hosts for "LOVs," an experimental type of intelligent, emotion-enhancing nanoorganism, causes the escape of a colony of other, constantly mutating LOVs into the torrid Mekong Delta of a brutally overpopulated Vietnam. There a strange cult of throwaway Asian children joins Virgil and Eurasian journalist Ela Suvanatat to preserve the LOVs from Daniel Simkin, the nefarious director of the International Biotechnology Commission, who pretends to protect Earth from the LOVs while ruthlessly pursuing them for the wealth and power they could bring him. Nagata enlivens this extended chase through the steamy murk of Mekong swamps and the monsoons of the southeast Pacific with fascinating biotech hardware and gadgetry as well as clever extrapolations into nanotech potential. She constantly reinforces her theme that "the only way out is forward" at the risk of making her characters occasionally preachy and two-dimensional, but that's a small price to pay for an idea-provoking narrative that is genuinely innovative in conception. Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.Paperback
Linda NagataThe Bohr MakerNagata joins the growing ranks of sf authors inspired by the emerging science of nanotechnology. At the center of her brilliantly original first novel is a powerful, illicit device known as the Bohr Maker, a microscopic factory full of self-replicating machines programmed to transform a human host into a genius-level nanotech engineer. Nikko, a genetically altered resident of a space colony, is reaching the end of his built-in life span and is eager to procure the Bohr Maker, as much to save his own life as to break the stranglehold of Earth's ruling Commonwealth. Before he can lay hands on it, however, the Bohr Maker's earthbound owner is killed and its tiny machinery injected into the body of an ignorant, poverty-stricken woman named Phousita, which changes the destiny of everyone in unforeseeable ways. Nagata reinforces her compelling story line with a wealth of mind-bending ideas that make her work favorably comparable with that of leading-edge stylists such as Bruce Sterling and Neal Stephenson and sure to be popular with both critics and fans. Carl HaysPaperback
Linda NagataTech-HeavenWhen Katie's husband, Tom, is not expected to survive injuries sustained in a helicopter crash, Katie insists that he be placed in cryonic suspension. Use of this technology is highly controversial, and Katie's decision triggers a series of political upheavals as society adjusts to new concepts of life and death. Nagata (The Bohr Maker) provides vivid characterization to demonstrate the impact of technology on individual lives. The alternating story lines, that of Katie's physical world and that concerning the spiritual netherworld Tom inhabits as he lies in suspended animation, provide added depth of suspense and highlight the couple's struggle to be reunited. At its core, this is a love story, and while the author offers many insightful socioeconomic and technological concepts to ponder, the main theme is the love that tries to outwit separation-even separation by death. In the midst of fast-paced action, Nagata creates characters to worry about, cheer for, sympathize with and despise. The time spent getting to know them and their world is well worth it. Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc.Paperback
Jamil NasirThe Higher SpaceA suburban lawyer's life is changed forever when he becomes involved in a seemingly simple custody battle that leads him to an enigmatic detective, a professor with dreams of immortality, and a doorway to a higher place.Paperback
Vera Nazarian, Joan Marie Verba, Deborah J. Ross, Kay Morgan Douglas, Roxana Pierson, Patricia Cirone, Meg Mac Donald, Sandra C. Morrese, Margaret L. Carter, Marion Zimmer Bradley (ed.)Four Moons of Darkover (The Friends of Darkover Present)DarkoverHere, readers will find stunning tales of the inhabitants of Darkover, the land where ancient power has awakened the humans to their own hidden talents. And here they must face great challenges: recontact with Terra, the native chieri, and the laran powers they must control at all costs. Original.Paperback
Cary NeeperA Place Beyond ManA PLACE BEYOND MAN From reviews after the first release in 1975 "...keen insight and pertinent directions."UU World ""...a far better than ordinary first novel. "Fantasy and Science Fiction Books" the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction "...fine writing ...great escapism...Bravo." "Friday Magazine, WCNY A PLACE BEYOND MAN "Cary Neeper has created not one but two credible non-human engrossing first novel..." Psychology Today "The current concern[s]...are dealt with competently and lucidly....Tandra both learns and teaches emotional and intellectual integration..". St. Louis Post-Dispatch "a good and exciting story." "Of Books and Men" by Harry Schulte   "...Interesting comparisons are made between the history and cultures of the three species..." Galaxy --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.Paperback
Nichelle Nichols, Margaret Wander BonannoSaturn's ChildGiven the authors' backgrounds--Nichols was, of course, Lieutenant Uhura and Bonanno has written several Star Trek novels--it is hardly surprising that this engaging tale has a distinctly Trekkish flavor. Moreover, it is the relatively harmonious future presented in the original Star Trek TV series that we find here. The plot centers on Saturna, daughter of a human mother (who has a good deal in common with Lieutenant Uhura, though promoted to exalted heights) and a nonhuman father, thanks to DNA manipulation. Such conception goes against the wishes and laws of both races, and it throws Saturna into a key role in the succession crisis of the nonhuman Fazis. Nichols and Bonanno try to cram three full-size plots into a standard-size volume, and they include a few scientific details that may raise eyebrows. Their yarn is, however, full of good scenes and entertaining bits of world building, and if parts of the story seem to be missing, what is here definitely keeps you turning pages (and anyway, this is almost certainly the first book in a series). Count on demand from Trekkers and probably from other sf fans, too. Roland GreenHardcover
Larry NivenThe Integral TreesIn this novel, Niven presents a fully-fleshed culture of evolved humans who live without gravity in the gas cloud surrounding a neutron star. In this Smoke Ring, free-floating life forms flourish, and all of them, from fish to fowl, can fly...Paperback
Larry NivenPlaygrounds of the Mind(sequel to) N-SpaceA followup to last year's N-Space , this large and varied collection from hard science fiction master Niven displays the strengths and the weaknesses of that subgenre. With stories such as "The Soft Weapon," in which the hero must solve the mystery of an alien artifact to save himself and his companions, and "Becalmed in Hell," where two explorers on Venus find themselves in peril, Niven provides the old-fashioned SF pleasures of intellectual problem-solving and rigorously depicted astronomical wonders. The "Draco's Tavern" series of brief thought-pieces, set in a multispecies spaceport bar, explore larger philosophical questions. But in focusing his attention on accurate scientific detail and describing the marvels of space, Niven often neglects matters of characterization and literary style, and his marginalization of female characters is unfortunate. Excerpts from Niven's novels are included, but they aren't long enough to convey the feel of the larger works, and the self-congratulatory, repetitive snippets of autobiography and science fiction convention memories add very little. Readers should stick to the short stories, many of which are exemplary hard science fiction; "Ramer" and "Wait It Out," for instance, are especially rewarding. Copyright 1991 Reed Business Information, Inc.Hardcover
Larry Niven, Steven BarnesThe Descent of AnansiIt's the American Revolution all over again. But this time it's a ragtag band of space colonists vs. the United States. And the fate of the world hangs by a thread--200 miles above the earth.Paperback
Larry NivenAll the Myriad WaysPaperback
Larry Niven, Jerry PournelleThe Gripping Hand(sequel to) Mote in God's EyeThis sequel to the authors' 1974 classic The Mote in God's Eye takes place some 25 years after the events of that book. The alien "Moties" remain quarantined in their own system, but the formation of a new star nearby suggests an opportunity for the Moties to escape into the galaxy, where their explosive population growth and the efficiency of their specialized subspecies--Engineers, Mediators, Warriors, etc.--may challenge the survival of the Empire of Man. Imperial scientists, however, may have found a way for the Moties to control their population and thus reduce their threat enough to allow them to become the Empire's allies. Led by Horace Bury and Kevin Renner (veterans of the first Mote expedition), a hastily assembled Imperial force struggles to contain the Moties long enough to negotiate a peaceful settlement. Though the first third of the book drags, once the action moves to the Mote system, readers will be hooked. Some of the intriguing subtexts, such as the prevailing xenophobia, are disturbing, while others, including warnings about overpopulation, enlighten. But Niven and Pournelle ( Footfall ) don't explore these ideas deeply enough to make their story any more than a perfectly adequate, largely irrelevant sequel. Copyright 1992 Reed Business Information, Inc.Hardcover
Larry NivenA World Out of TimeJaybee Corbell awoke after more than 200 years as a corpsicle -- in someone else's body, and under sentence of instant annihilation if he made a wrong move while they were training him for a one-way mission to the stars. But Corbell picked his time and made his own move. Once he was outbound, where the Society that ruled Earth could not reach him, he headed his starship toward the galactic core, where the unimaginable energies of the Universe wrenched the fabric of time and space and promised final escape from his captors. Then he returned to an Earth eons older than the one he'd left...a planet that had had 3,000,000 years to develop perils he had never dreamed of -- perils that became nightmares that he had to escape...somehow! --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.Paperback
Larry NivenRingworld Throne (Ringworld #3)RingworldIn Ringworld and Ringworld Engineers Larry Niven created Known Space, a universe in the distant future with a distinctive and complicated history. The center of this universe is Ringworld, an expansive hoop-shaped relic 1 million miles across and 600 million miles in circumference that is home to some 30 trillion diverse inhabitants. As in his past novels, Niven's characters in The Ringworld Throne spend their time unraveling the complex problems posed by their society.Hardcover
Larry NivenProtectorKnown SpacePaperback
Larry NivenRingworld (Ringworld #1)Ringworld''Tom Parker captures the personalities of the travelers through individual vocalization and provides smooth, expressive narration. The listener is soon caught up in the adventures of these vivid characters as they struggle to survive . . . a rousing adventure.'' --AudioFile ''Niven's style is such that you can be awed, then titillated, then amused all on the same page. . . . After more than thirty years, the story remains interesting, and the ideas fascinating. I highly recommend this audiobook, whether you've experienced Ringworld already or not. I enjoyed every minute.'' ''[Parker] skillfully uses inflection and timing to heighten drama or highlight humorous details as appropriate. Parker deftly brings to life Louis Wu and other members of the 'motley crew' . . . This is SF--and narration--at its best.'' --Kliatt --This text refers to the Audio Cassette edition.Paperback

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