Sharon ShinnArchangelSet in a society founded as an egalitarian utopia but now tainted with vices and inequity, Sharon Shinn's love story is plotty and calamitous. Rachel and Gabriel have nothing in common beyond wishing that the god Jovah had ordained they wed other people, yet they must cooperate in singing a mass to the god on the occasion of Gabriel's elevation to Archangel. Upright Gabriel has enemies among both mortal and angelic peoples who prefer to risk world destruction over his restoration of the old order.Trade Paperback
John ShirleyEclipse Penumbra (A Song Called Youth-Book 2)A Song Called YouthPaperback
John Shirley, Harry O. Morris (ill.)HeatseekerShirley has been writing SF, including a dozen novels ( City Come A-Walkin', A Splendid Chaos ), for over a decade. His first collection of short fiction contains 19 selections, three of them previously unpublished, that display Shirley as a talented writer with a clear, fluid style, vividly visual, much of whose imagery is discomfortingly grotesque and gory. Some of the stories are weakened by a lack of focus. "I Live in Elizabeth" begins as a somewhat loopy love story and unexpectedly segues into horror. When Shirley is in control of his material, the result can be powerful, as in "What It's Like to Kill a Man," which depicts an ugly, barbaric future, and the political corruption that sustains it. "What Cindy Saw" is an effective horror story about a psychotic young woman who perceives the real world literally underlying the apparent onea world where houses and furniture are part of one large living organism ready to devour unsuspecting people. The images may be a metaphor for her madness. Stephen P. Brown and William Gibson contribute introductory material, and there are illustrations by Harry O. Morris. Copyright 1988 Reed Business Information, Inc.Hardcover
Mike ShuppWith Fate Conspire (The Destiny Makers #1)The Destiny MakersPaperback
Susan Shwartz (ed.), Larry Niven (ed.), Tanith Lee, Gene Wolfe, Andre Norton, Jane Yolen, Susan Shwartz (ed.)Arabesques: More Tales of the Arabian NightsPaperback
Robert Silverberg (ed.)The Best Of New DimensionsPaperback
Robert Silverberg (ed.)MutantsHardcover
Robert Silverberg (ed.)Explorers of Space: Eight Stories of Science FictionHardcover
Robert Silverberg (ed.)Shadrach in the Furnace“Filled with intrigue, paradoxes, mystery, subplots, and best of all, a surprise ending.”—Library JournalHardcover
Robert Silverberg (ed.)Tomorrow’s Worlds; Ten Stories of Science Fiction.Hardcover
Robert Silverberg (ed.)Star of Gypsies"This inventive space adventure…should have been reprinted a long time ago." -- Science Fiction Chronicle, March 2005Hardcover
Robert Silverberg (ed.)Hot Sky at MidnightSilverberg's latest is his best novel in some time, returning from the extraterrestrial travelogues he offered in The Face of the Waters and Kingdoms of the Wall to Earth of the relatively near future, which has been polluted almost to uninhabitability. Even in the best areas, people wear breathing masks and inject a product called Screen, which darkens their skin as protection from the sun. Victor Farkas, operative of the megacorporation Kyocera-Merck Ltd., is blind but gifted with hypersensitive "blindsight." He comes to the massive orbital habitat Valparaiso Nuevo in search of a renegade geneticist of legendary skill. On Earth, Nick Rhodes wrestles with a midlife crisis and moral uncertainty as head of Samurai Industries, which is attempting to breed humans that can thrive in the horrendous conditions expected to prevail on Earth. Silverberg focuses on his characters and their ruined world, providing a convincing portrayal of life in a greenhouse effect-cursed future. In the background looms the efforts to save the human race, whether by emigration or transformation. The plot may tie up too neatly, but Silverberg delivers powerful images of a world blighted by ecological abuse, and a satisfying novel as well. Copyright 1993 Reed Business Information, Inc.Hardcover
Robert Silverberg (ed.)New Dimensions 5Hardcover
Robert Silverberg (ed.), Gene Wolfe, Ursula K. LeGuin, James jr. TiptreeThe New Atlantis and Other Novellas of Science FictionHardcover
Robert Silverberg (ed.)New Dimensions 10Hardcover
Robert Silverberg (ed.)Men and MachinesPaperback
Robert Silverberg (ed.)Sorcerers of Majipoor (Majipoor Cycle #5)Majipoor CycleThis prequel to the Majipoor novels explores the conflict in Lord Valentine's Castle and Valentine Pontifex. Award winner Silverberg is at his best in continuing the saga of this fantasy world. Highly recommended for fantasy collections. Copyright 1997 Reed Business Information, Inc.Hardcover
Robert Silverberg (ed.)The Infinite WebHardcover
Robert Silverberg (ed.)Beyond ControlPaperback
Robert Silverberg (ed.)Tom O'BedlamSome bibliophiles might argue that a book written less than 20 years ago hasn't quite yet earned the title of "classic," but Robert Silverberg's "world in chaos" novel Tom O'Bedlam is being touted as such, here reprinted and updated by the Hugo- and Nebula Award-winning author. It's the "definitive text," Silverberg writes, minus its original editor's revisions, and it tells a haunting tale of wisdom masked as madness and the search for answers to life's great questions. Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information, Inc.Hardcover
Robert Silverberg (ed.)Strange Gifts Eight Stories of Science FictionHardcover
Robert Silverberg (ed.)Galactic Dreamers: Science Fiction as visionary LiteratureHardcover
Robert Silverberg (ed.)Recalled to LifeHardcover
Robert Silverberg (ed.)At Winters EndHardcover
Robert Silverberg (ed.), Martin H. Greenberg (ed.)The Time TravellersHardcover

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